Maylix Focuses On Delivering

In any business operation, there are a host of challenges and the wrong decision can lead to failure or result in singular success for an e-commerce entrepreneur. Chief among these obstacles is getting the products you create to the customers who need them.

Order fulfillment is a massive undertaking for any e-commerce business owner and not everyone gets it right. There are myriad details that need constant attention. A fulfillment center not only receives incoming products, but stocks and tracks inventory, picks the orders, and packs and ships out those orders to customers. And after orders are shipped, there is more work to be done, including dealing with returns, issuing credits and customer payments.

Handling demands

Maylix, a logistics and third-party shipping firm, can help your business handle those tasks involved in order fulfllment, as well as the demands and expectations of your customers.

If you run an e-commerce business, you will need a facility for storage. It will cost money to rent a storage space, hire staff and pay overheads. It is also expensive to set up temperature-controlled environments for products that require special conditions. And you will have to comply with OSHA and other regulatory agencies.

Choosing Maylix makes the job a lot easier. It has the equipment, staff and the experience already in place to deal with.

“To be successful, you also need to position yourself in a way that makes your business unique and garners a greater chunk of the market than your competitors,” says SSH Enterprises, Inc., the legal owner of Maylix online platform. “E-commerce is here to stay and becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives. Business owners need to realize how critical it is to act quickly and establish their company as a force to be reckoned with in their industry.”

What we do

There are several steps that Maylix goes through before the products from our clients are delivered to customers. First, we receive your products, we track them, and we notify you before we ship out these orders to customers. Here is what we do:

  • Receiving:

When your products get to our warehouse centers, we visually inspect each one and label them. Each product is scanned into our company’s inventory management system. We then notify you that your shipments have arrived and logged into our system. Maylix also immediately tell you if a product is missing or was damaged during transit.

  • Tracking:

We use our scanning and label system to keep track of each product. With this system, we can enter and remove product information as deliveries arrive and orders fulfilled with ease. And our staff can check inventory levels and expiration dates on the products very quickly. Our system enables our staff to set up limits on stock levels, giving us updates when an item reaches the set level. When we reach that limit, we notify you so to make sure you don’t run out of inventory and end up losing sales because you are out of stock.

  • Notifications:

Our notification system makes it easier for our industry to help you succeed. We use it to make changes to schedules and view information on inventory. It also allows us to share information quickly between our employees and customers and between our staff and our carriers.