2021’s Best Credit Card Processors

Choosing a credit card processing company is not an easy job, for there are many service providers in the market. Though these companies may offer similar pricing features, their services may vary. None must opt for the services that offer a low pricing policy, as it may affect their business success in the long term.

If you are looking for the best credit card processing for small businesses, then make sure to focus on transparent pricing, reasonable rates, reliable customer policy, no-long term contracts, and more. Therefore, to help you find a better solution and options, the following guide will help you choose the best one.

Merchant One

Merchant One is one of the best and reliable business partners that meet the business of all kinds and sizes. It offers a wide range of services ranging from card swipes to entire POS systems.

Its fast turnaround gives the ability for 24-hour service. The best part about the company is its applicant approval rate goes up to 98%. The company presents its customers with a dedicated account manager who will help throughout the entire process, supporting them anytime and anywhere.

Merchant Services Broker Solutions

At merchant Services Broker Solutions, they offer customized and comprehensive solutions for all types of business needs and demands. It is considered one of the best credit card processing company for its mind-blowing services and solutions. Their innovative and easy-to-use features are backed by complex software integrations. It presents a hassle-free and contactless payments system.

MSBS guarantees to save money and reduces human error by 90%. It automates the accounting and business plan, thereby freeing off all errors and mistakes. It also offers superior customer services ready to aid anytime and anywhere. It adheres to PCI compliance standards which are secured and reliable.


Offering an easy and fast way to accept credit card payments, Square is considered the best pick. Getting started is easy and simple, for you will only have to sign up for the account, download the app and plug the card reader of Square into your Android device or IOS. It comes with a full-featured point of sale software. With these features, you can turn your iPad into a powerful POS system.

Square comes with additional software and hardware solutions for businesses of all types and kinds. Its best features include fast deposit, simple pricing, integrations, and many more benefits.


When it comes to the best processor for small businesses, Helcim leads the list. It is one of the best transparent credit card companies in the market, providing interchange-plus pricing.

Helcim offers volume-based discounts, offering rate locks that guarantee its margin will not increase over your account’s life. It has online, in-person, and mobile processing with advanced features and solutions like hosted online stores, recurring payments, online food ordering, and more. They are available 24/7 while charging no fee for early termination.


Another company that takes the lead in the market is Stripe. Setting up an account is easy and simple and the processing of credit card sales can be started right away. It has integrations and plugins for hundreds of software applications and services. It comes with customization options and great features that lets the services tailored and customized.

The company makes sure its clients’ needs and requirements are satisfied accordingly. They are known for transparent and flat pricing policies.


PayPal is one of the best companies for businesses of all kinds and sizes. It is popular in the market for its budget-friendly pricing. It does not matter whether the credit card transactions are done online, in-person, or on the go, its services can work according to our needs and demands.

PayPal is specially targeted to startups and small businesses while offering basic POS features, 24/7 customer services, extending credit to customers, rewards programs, email support, and more.

One of the most important factors while considering credit card processing services is the cost factor. They usually come with three different sets of costs. They are the,

  • Rates – They are the processing fees that are paid for every transaction.
  • Fees – They are charged monthly and are termed as account service fees
  • Equipment Fees – It is a one-time expense for hardware.

Therefore, before choosing your service provider, keep the cost and its features in mind so that it will help the business grow strong and high.