5 Best Marketing Strategies to Apply For An Industrial Hardware Manufacturing Company

5 Best Marketing Strategies to Apply For An Industrial Hardware Manufacturing Company

As an industrial hardware manufacturing organization, your marketing strategies must stand out from the B2C companies. Why? Because it’s not easy to reach out to business owners and encourage them to trust you as an industrial hardware supplier or manufacturer.

Secondly, you are competing in an industry with market size of $9.6 billion in 2022. In other words, you will be facing tough competition. In an increasingly digitalized world, you will need marketing strategies that will work. Plus, you will need to reevaluate your marketing tactics depending on changing marketing trends.

That’s how you can increase your outreach and leave your competitors behind. Let’s understand a few marketing strategies that will help industrial hardware manufacturers like you.

Optimize Your Website Pronto

The first order of business is to audit and optimize your website for better search engine ranking. The higher your website ranks in the search results, the more leads it will generate.

Search engine optimization or SEO usually consists of strategies ranging from keyword optimization to link building. It starts with a thorough SEO audit. After the audit, you can optimize your website.

When optimizing, you will need to:

  • Identify and target keywords specific to your products and services
  • Use those keywords naturally throughout your website to help attract suitable leads
  • Update your title and meta descriptions for all the webpages
  • Make sure your website navigation is user-friendly
  • Describe your image and video media using alt tags
  • Make it responsive so you can tap into mobile users, who generate more than half (58.99%)of the web traffic these days.

Look for other areas of improvement. Your website needs to be a leads magnet, not just a digital front to your industrial hardware business. Take the necessary steps to optimize it as much as possible.

Publish Relevant and Informative Content Regularly

There was a time when blogging was considered more of a hobby. But today, it is one of the most successful content marketing tools. Blogging allows you to publish educational, engaging, and relevant content. Plus, you can use it to announce company news, introduce new products and staff members, and talk about your latest achievements.

In the B2B industry, customers are often interested in in-depth information on a product or a pain point. Your content should address the everyday challenges faced by your target audience. These blog posts are likely to rank well as they answer commonly searched questions. Even better if you could support your content with relevant research, stats, and figures. That makes your content more trustworthy.

Don’t Forget the Social Media

IT hardware company expect to resume partial production this week, 100% next month - The Statesman

SEO optimizing your website and blogging isn’t enough for you to reach out to all of your target audience. Many industry experts, business owners, and industrial hardware suppliers will be on social media. For the B2B industry, LinkedIn is probably the most preferred social media platform.

If you already have a LinkedIn account, update it regularly. You should post informative and engaging content regularly. This includes blog posts, videos, staff introductions, shout-outs, and product information. The purpose here is two-fold, getting your brand noticed and making meaningful connections.

Do reach out to industry leaders, influencers, and even competitors. You can leverage social media to find brand ambassadors for your industrial hardware company. Likewise, you can also see what your competitors are doing and how you can use their strategies to advance your social outreach.

YouTube is also a great social media platform for industrial hardware manufacturers. You can showcase your products, share “how to” videos, and educate your target audience. In 2020, the most widely used video type in global B2B marketing was product demo videos (63%), followed by “how to” videos (51%) and explainers (51%).

Revamp Your Email Marketing

As you may already know, B2B marketing is a long-term game. It could be days, if not weeks, before you convert a potential lead into a customer. Your potential customers will evaluate options, priorities, and budgets before the final decision. In other words, you constantly need to stay in touch with your target audience to convert them.

And email marketing is the best way to keep your brand fresh on their minds!

Data shows that 72% of brands use email to engage with consumers across the customer journey.

But most importantly, it’s super easy to automate email marketing. All you need is an automated email marketing tool like MailChimp. This allows you to create drip campaigns that will provide you with a better ROI in the long run.

But remember, every email you send offers another touchpoint, so make it count. Write each email with utmost care. Include compelling CTAs that will prompt the readers to take appropriate action.

Leverage Industrial Hardware Supplier Network

While digital marketing is necessary to improve your outreach, you can’t disregard traditional marketing completely. One of the best ways to push your industrial hardware products is to leverage the supplier network. Working with an industrial hardware supplier can help you leverage multiple traditional marketing strategies at once.

For example, many industrial hardware distributors use an incentives-based approach to market products. It remains one of the most successful marketing tactics to tap into more leads. Many suppliers also have their own marketing teams who can bring a fresh perspective to your marketing approach. So, connect with a reputed and reliable industrial hardware supplier as soon as possible.

In Conclusion

It’s not easy to reach out to your potential customers in this increasingly competitive market. Moreover, digitalization has forced industrial hardware manufacturers to rethink their marketing approach. You will need a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, including SEO, content marketing, email marketing, social media, and industrial hardware supplier networking. Hopefully, this post will help you understand how these strategies can help you reach out to your target audience efficiently.

Author Bio: I am Randy Gonzales. I am the President of Elite Sales Inc, a rigging equipment and wire rope distribution company based in Miami, Tampa, Houston, and Dyer. I have more than 30 years of experience in the distribution and supply of industrial hardware industry.