5 Essentials to Consider Before Picking Pallet Racks for Storage and Distribution

5 Essentials to Consider Before Picking Pallet Racks for Storage and Distribution

The upsurge in eCommerce has opened new doors for aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own ventures. With the increasing number of new businesses entering the market, the need for storage and logistics is also elevating to new heights every day. Pallet racks are visibility playing a vital role in keeping the businesses rolling with efficient inventory management system and goods delivery.
It is a no-brainer that choosing the right
warehouse pallet racking with Erect A Rack is one of the most crucial decisions the warehouse managers have to make to ensure smooth operations.

Here is a checklist of the parameters that you must consider before making this choice and acquire the best pallet racking system to serve your needs.

    Storage Requirements

You must analyze what type of products you need to store and for how long. Take a meticulous look at the product assortment your company deals in and classify them according to their shelf life, frequency of delivery, density, and weight. These insights would help you narrow down to the most suited pallet rack. For instance, you would prefer a drive-on system for bulk items but not if they are sensitive. On the flip side, you can go for a pallet racking to store small quantities of varied products without a second thought.

    Budget Capacity

Just like every other section of your business, warehouses are also often bound by a pre-decided budget that must be followed which is why the price of the pallet racking is a vital issue in choosing the right type. It is important to understand that the cost must be assessed all-inclusive of the cost of design, storage system, and its installation. Businesses operating on a limited budget can be easily tempted to go for the low-price models. However, you must compare the cost against the sacrifice you would make on the quality.

    Strength and Durability Requirements

Collapsing pallet racks is one of the most common warehouse accidents in any industry. Such accidents can lead to multifacet losses and cost significantly to the company. It includes the cost of the damaged rack, possible injuries to the warehouse staff, and damaged products that further lead to the loss of reputation and goodwill in the market. For all these reasons, you must pick a rack wisely that can withstand bumps and strongly support the load.


Growth is the ultimate goal of every business. But as your business grows, the need for storage also grows or changes. Your company can decide to manufacture and market new products which your pallet rack system must be able to accommodate with the same efficiency. A futuristic decision is to choose a pallet rack that can be adjusted for both mild alterations and significant modifications.


Lastly, the space you have and the dimension of the pallet rack that can be easily accommodated, leaving sufficient space for easy, quick, and efficient access is important. You need to measure the overall height (including the load and pallet height), upright depth, upright height, and beam capacity. Make sure you are leaving enough space for the forklift according to its turn radius.