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6 Things Customer Consider When Buying Online

6 Things Customer Consider When Buying Online

Before the pandemic, people were quite cautious while purchasing online. They prefer going to local shops and get the same product instead of ordering online because of a lack of trust.

People think hundreds of times before ordering anything online. It may be an online cake delivery in Allahabad or any other city wherever they are based; they will do a complete research of the platform they wish to order. If dissatisfied, they casually say we can buy the identical product from a local shop at a low price.

Many people have a misconception that online stores sell their products at double the price, and as they cannot bargain there, it’s not worth buying online. But in the pandemic, people understood the value of online shopping.

As physical stores were not operated, people had just one choice to buy the necessities from an online store. Still, they follow a long process before purchasing a single product too. It would help if you had a robust online presence to build trust between people who can be potential customers.

Here are 6 essential things you need to know about what customers consider before buying online to win customers’ trust.

Customer Reviews

People still think twice before ordering a single pen online. To gain the public’s trust, you need strong customer reviews or testimonials for your business. From prices to policies, everything should be on point.

People check customer reviews to verify whether the product is of good quality or not. Therefore, you need to boost your customers to leave feedback for your services. Reviews will build your reputation online and will motivate more people to buy products from you. Remember, 88% of people buy products online after reading reviews about the business’s quality and services.

Available Payment Modes

People are smart enough to trust anyone nowadays. To avoid being con by any online store, many still opt for cash on delivery. You might give offers on the use of specific credit or debit cards, but people who do not trust will order products on cash on delivery.

‘Pay at doorstep,’ Paytm, UPI, debit/credit cards option are must to have. Customers often drop the idea of buying a particular product after looking at available payment modes.

Shipping and Cancellation Policy

It would be beneficial if you had a shipping and cancellation policy that is in favour of customers. Low shipping cost or free shipping is what people look for. Buyers often spend 30% more if they get the option of free shipping. Even when they cancel an order, your potential customers look for how many days the business will refund the amount.

You might be new or old in this online business; still, you need customers to run a successful business. And for that, you need to win their trust by providing them good services.

Customer Service

66% of the people never use a particular app or come to an online store because of poor customer service. It is recommended that businesses should offer 24*7 customer service that can solve customers’ problems.

The study says 76% of customers like to enquire about products before checkout. Therefore, a live chat service is a great option to offer to customers. Live chat can attract more customers and make sure that most customers do not abandon the shopping cart.

Easy To Use App

Complex apps usually create confusion for people. And many businesses fail to understand that their customers can be of any age group. Complex apps are one of the reasons why people abandon a particular online store.

From search options to filters and easy checkout, usability features enhance the shopping experience. It allows people to navigate the product quickly, and if provided easy registration, people tend to buy more than expected.

Price Information and Cost Calculation

As you know, most people think that online stores fool them with double prices. Therefore, you need to give people what they want. Premium quality products at a reduced cost can be beneficial for your business.

Before buying, any person checks the price information. Even while checking out, they calculate the tax and other charges they are paying. You can gain customers’ trust by giving them offers and making them feel that the product they are purchasing is worthy of price and quality.

These are the 6 crucial points that customers pay attention to. Every online business needs to understand its targeted audience and what customers look for. Gaining customers’ trust is not easy, but these 6 points will help you.

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