6 Unique Web Design Trends for 2021

6 Unique Web Design Trends for 2021

Check out the web design trends for 2021 listed in this blog post that will shape how we design and improve the way people experience the web.

Welcome to our round-up of web design trends. From using the best AR to color pallets, there is a lot to look forward to in 2021.

2020 was a roller coaster ride. With looming anxiety of uncertainty and adjusting to the new normal compelled online businesses to revamp their online presence to avert the chances of losing out on their clients. It led to the surge of innovation for web designs. Many brands toned down the usage of color in 2021.

When it came to designing, we have focused on the evergreen designs and the trending ones. None of the listed ones would be the cause of worry for your web designer. They are an easy way to captivate your audience and increase your sales too. Does it sound like a win-win situation?

Color Palettes Using Eye-Pleasing and Reassuring Color Pallets 

What is the point of investing your crucial hours to end up watching the bounce rate of your website accelerate? So, save yourself from such a loss and decipher what could be the root cause behind it. Is the page load time the culprit or the size of the font?

If you have already fixed that and reaped no good out of it, then it is not the perfect time to dig deeper and look at what is in front of your audience – color pallets. Humans link color with emotions; for instance, blue personifies trustworthiness, white – peace, etc.

So, track the color pallets used by your competitors. Strong, bold color palettes in tandem with an array of gradient schemes have been frequently used in recent design trends to capture a visitor’s attention.

The pandemic fatigue has taken a toll on people and toned-down color pallets will be symbolic of calmer times.

Also, opting for toned-down color will help your product stand out without shouting for your attention, and your goal is achieved.

Calm and eye-pleasing images draw the consumers’ attention and create calming that invite a potential customer to explore more.

A Focus on Grain 

Flat blocks of solid color along with rigid grids can drain the personality from a web design. To avert such a situation, you should switch to grainy textures that can give your website a more natural feel.

You can also use lo-fi design elements for a rougher user experience that feels comparatively natural than the slick perfection.

Muted Colors 

Alike grains offer your design a natural touch, so can subdued color.

Use of light color palettes and dark blocks can offer distinct contrast between a section of a web design. These muted colors are the perfect backdrop you were looking for on your website.

Retro Fonts in Vogue 

Retro-futurism is the key to stand out your website design fonts. The only constant thing about trends is – change. Retro fonts are no different, they too have experienced the ebb and flow in their popularity.

Many website designers are going back to using old fonts with the new-age ones. Traditional bold fonts with a bit of experimentation are what you need to try next.

Blending Physical and Digital Imagery

In 2020, several people, including a large number of new remote employees, were stuck at home with little to do but stare at their screens. As a result, their physical lives and the digital world have become increasingly entwined.

As a result of this shift in scenery, some web designers started combining graphics and special effects with real-world images.

Create Friendly and Smooth Online Shopping Experiences 

We saw a surge in online shopping in 2020, and this trend is expected to continue and intensify. With more people shopping online than ever before, e-commerce sites must provide visitors with reliable and straightforward conversion paths.

Shoppers who know what they want and are in a brick-and-mortar store want to get in and out as soon as possible. They still need assistance or recommendations to help them make comparisons or choices if they are unsure of exactly what they want or are only looking for.

The Key Tip: All a potential buyer wants to know is right up front, and other helpful details like exclusive deals, discounts, and consumer reviews should be visible above the fold. The next steps should be presented if you want a purchase to be made.

User-Controlled Video Content 

Video on websites was once the best thing since warm bread, and it is still a significant medium for delivering educational material. But the main question is – will it still compel sales and excite your potential clients? No.

The majority of people can only watch a video if they are compelled to do so. In other words, user-controlled videos are on the rise, while embedded autoplay videos are falling out of favor. If viewers are given the option of watching or not watching, the video is likely to make a significant comeback this year.

Look for Trust Builders 

Although trust builders are essential components of web design, choosing the right ones can be difficult. Instead of taking several minutes to evaluate a brick-and-mortar establishment, an online shopper will sometimes do so in under a minute.

Fortunately, web designers are familiar with the following trust-building techniques, and they can use any or all of them:

  • Visualization of data (e.g., charts, graphs, counters, statistic callouts)
  • Logos, whether they belong to a customer, a partner, or the media
  • Client or consumer testimonials and/or ratings
  • Portfolios/case studies
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB), TRUSTe, and PayPal security seals (e.g., BBB, TRUSTe, and PayPal) are examples of security seals.

It’s just a matter of deciding which of these would be a good match for a company’s website and could persuade a tourist to become a loyal customer.

So, have you begun to put these ideas into action? If not, then do so without further ado. And make sure to look for the experts who can make it this an easy task for you at affordable prices.

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