All Year Cooling: Weighing the Different Financing Options

All Year Cooling: Weighing the Different Financing Options

Customers needing to fix or replace an air conditioner usually deal with a fairly hefty bill. It takes a lot of money to get everything up and running properly, and a person might not have that in their budget to pay out-of-pocket. After all, many air conditioner issues seemingly come out of nowhere.

When money is tight, things like bank financing and other forms of financing are a perfect way to get everything handled properly. It can seem confusing for people who have never done financing for something like this before, but options always mean that people get a plan that fits their needs.

All Year Cooling is one of the only air conditioner companies that offer internal financing through a trio of partners. Is this better than going through bank financing? Are there any other payment options out there? Weighing the pros and cons in every situation is important.

Internal Financing

It’s becoming more and more of a trend for air conditioner companies to offer internal financing on their website. It’s important to keep in mind that the company does not handle the financing. Everything goes through a third party. In the case of All Year Cooling, they offer three different types of internal financing.

Each company could come back with something slightly different for a customer depending on how they crunch the numbers. Having three options ensures that people aren’t forced to take a single offer and go with it. Even if a person applies for financing, they can choose to pass on all three options.

An advantage of using an internal financing company is that they know exactly what a person is applying for. Since they have partnered with All Year Cooling, they have a good idea of their customer base and what type of plan makes the most sense.

Bank Financing

Another option that’s open to everyone is going through their bank and getting financing for air conditioning needs. It works in a very similar manner to applying for financing or a loan for any other reason. This is one of the reasons why people go with bank financing. They can technically finance multiple projects, which helps provide more money to work with right away.

Bank financing does have the chance of taking a little bit longer depending on the situation. Waiting multiple business days to get approved for financing is hard when dealing with the South Florida heat.

Anyone with great credit and a long history with their bank can potentially get a better rate than they would through internal financing options. It’s a case-by-case basis that should be explored before making any decisions. The simplicity of going with an internal financing option advertised on the website for All Year Cooling eliminates a lot of headaches.

Using a Credit Card


[Alt Text: A picture of a wallet that has a few cards in it that could be used to pay for an AC repair.]

Going the credit card route is always an option, but it’s generally considered a huge risk if a person doesn’t feel like they can pay it off anytime soon. Internal financing is usually a much better option that will save money in the long run. Credit card interest rates tend to be high.

The reason why some people are tempted to go the credit card route comes down to simplicity. It’s much easier to put in credit card credentials than to apply for financing. However, so many people make that mistake, and it ends up making the repair or installation more expensive than they ever imagined.

Paying Out-Of-Pocket

Anyone who can pull off paying for a repair or air conditioner replacement out-of-pocket will find it to be the best option available. Not only does it speed up the payment process, but it ensures that there are no extra fees paid in interest, late fees, and more.

There’s a lot of variance with air-conditioning bills. Some basic repairs are pretty easy to pay for out-of-pocket, but a full AC installation is a challenge.

Saving Money With All Year Cooling

All Year Cooling makes a huge effort to help people save money when they need an AC repair or replacement. They offer coupons and discounts throughout the year, which come in handy for all types of property owners. Even saving a small percentage off the final bill can make a huge difference.

Veterans and military service members will get a military discount with All Year Cooling, as there is a discount of 10% or $100 off (depending on the service). All it takes is proper identification to become eligible for the discount.

These discounts are available for people who pay out-of-pocket or go the financing route. They already have some of the lowest prices in South Florida, and the coupon discounts help keep your bank savings intact.

Why Payment Options Matter

The more payment options available to customers, the better. It’s virtually impossible to handle the heat in South Florida without having air conditioning.

Need help picking out the right option? The team at All Year Cooling is always willing to help. They have pointed people in the right direction to make smart decisions for decades, as they want customers to feel confident whenever they do business with them. To learn more or reach out to a customer service representative, visit