Amazon Construct Facility

When it comes to acquiring new customers and increasing sales, Amazon is unrivalled. FBA – Fulfillment by Amazon – provides dependable, rapid shipment and can help you become a more trustworthy merchant.

Our Service Our Duty

FBA Fulfilment requires your product to be prepared according to their standards so that it can be fulfilled when it arrives at Amazon fulfilment centres and without receiving any further complaints. If you don’t meet Amazon standards, you can be charged for this non-complying behaviour, or the situation may be even worse such as inventory might get refused and your seller account can get suspended.

Complete Facility

Amazon FBA is ready to help you build your business by providing your customers with Free Shipping, Amazon Prime Two-Day Shipping, and other benefits. If you don’t keep Amazon sufficiently stocked with your inventory, you won’t be able to take advantage of these perks. Direct Fulfillment Group LLC is your domestic partner for proper fulfilment to various Amazon FBA fulfilment centres. Inventory management, remote warehousing, Amazon labelling and barcoding, and other services are also available. As a result, we can confirm that your Amazon account is in good standing. So don’t worry, Amazon isn’t going to shut down your account.

FBA Prep Facility

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We are always working to prepare inventory for FBA in every way possible, from unloading containers to repacking SKUs to barcode labelling different products. Direct Fulfillment Group will meet all of the FBA standards in a timely way, regardless of the size of the task.

Prepare inventory for FBA in all dimensions, including unloading containers, repacking SKUs, and barcoding various products.

Amazon Prep Facility

Our user-friendly interface allows you to keep track of the receiving and inventory-checking process. If you use Amazon Prep, you can be confident that your products will fulfil Amazon’s requirements and will not compromise your company’s reputation. Our top priority is quality control.

Stream-lined Shipping

In logistics, cross-docking refers to the process of unloading materials from the arriving containers. Reloading of these materials to outbound carriers with little or no storage in the process is also a part of cross-docking. It streamlines the supply chain process and also helps in cost reduction right from the origin point to the sale point. Inventory is delivered to our locations where our remote shipping agents relabel, and reorganize your inventory which is then shipped immediately.

Amazon Compliance

Of course, supplying high-quality products and excellent customer service will assist an international company to reduce the number of returns required. When selling to a country with as many clients as America, even the top sellers will have to deal with returns at some point. And, for these companies, having a local return address in the United States is the greatest method to provide their clients with quick and reasonable returns services.

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