Buyers Guide to Business Plan Software Tools

Business Plan Software Tools

Are you planning on starting a business and just don’t know where to start or how to write up that business proposal? Did you know that there are platforms and software programmes that can aid the writing of a business plan process? That is what business planning software services are for. The software will make sure that you come up with a professional business plan, this will aid in securing investors and funding and help lead the road to your businesses success.

How do you decide which service will best suit your needs?

This article will explore the top seven business planning software for 2020, that will aid any business in securing funding for their new ventures.

What are the business plans software tools worth exploring and what will they have to offer?


Why should you choose LivePlan?

Clients can create a one-page business plan within 30-minutes. They have a collection of over 500 business plans included in their package. Clients also have access to a convenient dashboard that allows them to track current and past performances.

What are the costs involved?

Clients can choose between three packages, plans start from as little as $10.

What do the reviews say?

“ Live Plan is simply Awesome, I always thought, to create a monitoring software for employees business plan I need an MBA. But this is so simple. It just took me some time to understand the flow but then I was surprised to see my business plan and forecasting that gives me the confidence to invest more in my business. I had some questions while I was making my Forecast but the customer rep pointed me to the correct KB Article and those gave me more insight on how to plan”.

Business Plan Pro

Why should you choose BusinessPro?

Clients are guaranteed online and offline access. You can also import and export from Excel and PowerPoint. There is also access to business management dashboard tools.

What are the costs involved?

Clients can look at spending between $99.99 and $159.95.

What do the reviews say?

“User-friendly, supportive and provided meaningful guidance all while remaining very flexible”.


Why should you choose Bizplan?

Clients can easily access business plans via web pages, which allows for easy sharing. They have a convenient user-friendly interface and they break down the planning process into easily manageable steps.

What are the costs involved?

The services will cost you between $9.50 to $49 per month.

What do the reviews say?

“We were looking for a tool to secure a bank loan, and Bizplan made it easy to create a professional-looking proposal in no time. Just had to punch in our content and data, and out spit the templates and presentation.”


Why should you choose Enloop?

Their software guarantees clients the Enloop performance score. They provide highly-customizable sample plans and they also offer an auto write feature that structures your business plan.

What are the costs involved?

The packages are either free or clients can expect to pay up until $39.95.

What do the reviews say?

“I love this website, it prevented me from making a huge mistake”.


Why should you choose StratPad?

Clients have access to QuickBooks integration. There is also the feature of real-time business plan sharing tools and more conveniently their services are offered on pay-as-you-go terms allowing clients to cancel at any time.

What are the costs involved?

The packages are either free or clients can expect to pay up until $49.99.

What do the reviews say?

“Unfortunately, StratPad’s only customer reviews – outside of their website – it regards their iOS app”.


Why should you choose PlanGuru?

Clients are provided with budgeting and forecasting software. They are also provided with analytics services for financial performance and KPI’s. you can also access their excel-based advanced report builder.

What are the costs involved?

Clients can look at spending $99 per month or they can opt to spend $899.

What do the reviews say?

“PlanGuru is a wonderful tool that makes it extremely easy for small businesses to budget projects as well as determine how well the projects are doing”.


Why should you choose iPlanner?

Clients have access to unlimited team members and collaboration. Their A La carte pricing model compared to their packages and they also offer clients discounts for serial entrepreneurs and business coaches.

What are the costs involved?

Clients can expect to spend between $49 to $55 per year.

What do the reviews say?

“As a freelance Business Consultant, I find useful to help my business clients draw out their annual plans”.