Creative Ideas to Use Blogs for Lead Magnet

Creative Ideas to Use Blogs for Lead Magnet

Back in the golden days of the 1990s, the internet had just come picked up popularity. A phenomenon came into existence that forever changed how businesses interacted with their customers online. That phenomenon is now known as blogging. Nearly 21 years later, everyone from work-from-home accountants to multi-million dollar companies operates their blogs for various reasons.

Managing and running a blog does more than just let customers know about recent events and news for any business out there. If done correctly, it can establish them as an expert in their field, boost their SEO, and provide everyone with a sneak preview of their workplace culture.

By creating posts that allow you to educate your customers on a particular service, product, or industry you are in, you will position yourself as an authority and reliable resource. Not only that, the more authoritative and dependable your blog, the better your ranking on SERPs. However, what happens after someone visits your blog? You would want to capture their attention and turn them into paying customers, right? Let us look at how you can use your blog and turn it into a lead magnet that attracts millions of new customers from around the world.

Proper Placement of Elements

Whether it be a call-to-action or an image on your blog, you have to place these elements in the correct location. Your visitors will probably end up scanning and skimming through your blog’s content. Therefore, you must ensure that they notice the most important elements of your blog.

Suppose these elements are a vital call-to-action that encourages visitors to perform particular tasks, such as subscribe for an email list or an illustrative image. In that case, you should design them so that they can grab the user’s full attention. Also, you must ensure that these CTAs are easily visible to mobile visitors.

Create an Ebook

Since your business might specialize in a particular topic or industry segment, chances are your blog will be full of information about the same subject. For example, suppose you write about electronics. In that case, you can turn your blog into an ebook and publish a 5 part series named ‘basics of electronics.’

Such an ebook will be practical because you will make your visitors’ lives a lot easier, which, in the end, is the goal of any lead magnet. You’ll pack everything into a convenient, easy-to-read bundle; they can download and refer back to anytime. An effective lead magnet offers an instant reward to your visitors without asking too much from them. And an ebook might check off that box.

Simply Your Blog Into a Checklist

If you run an instructional blog, you can turn it into a checklist as they are effortless to create and simplifies your blog. The first step you need to take is to convert your blog into bullet points. Next, irradicate any bullet points that don’t have any actionable content. Lastly, split the checklist into numbered steps to ensure that you can achieve an outcome from it.

Furthermore, it will be a massive bonus if you can offer your checklist in a printable form so that your visitors can tick off items from the list physically. It brings your visitors a sense of achievement, which they pay you back by becoming loyal customers.

Compile Summaries

Nowadays, people are too lazy to sit down on their chairs read a long blog post about a particular topic. They have short attention spans and cannot sit in one place for a long time. In fact, according to a study, around 40 percent of all college graduates don’t even touch a single book after graduation, let alone read it.

Keeping that in mind, you can convert your blog into a summary that incorporates critical findings of your particular topic that visitors can download by clicking a link. It can become a solid lead magnet for those most likely to become loyal buyers.

Utilize Delayed Pop-Ups

As annoying as pop-ups can be, they work great as lead magnets. If you don’t believe us, ask yourself why you continuously see pop-ups on every website or blog you visit? When establishing the correct pop-up strategy, you will drastically increase the number of email subscribers. Pop-ups are the most actionable form of CTA and directly engage your blog readers.

Moreover, delayed pop-ups give your readers enough time to view a few paragraphs of your blog post. When they are halfway through your post, you can time your pop-ups accordingly that present them with an option. For instance, to download a marketing report or join your email list.

Utilize Margin Banners

Margin banners are the bread and butter of every blog post. Most of the time, when you look at the right sidebar of a blog, you will notice a CTA that encourages you to subscribe to an email list or download content. Using such a strategy will entice customers into signing up to your email list or downloading your ebook. However, ensure that you don’t bombard your visitors with offers and CTA continuously. It will annoy them, and they will end up leaving your blog instead.

Offer Your Visitors Exclusive Content

Just because you offer free advice on how to bring in customers doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t hold back on something for visitors who will pay extra for more information. A perfect idea to do this is to tease your visitors with content that will help them more than your free blog post. The ultimate goal here is to provide little value in your free blog posts and going a step further with your exclusive content.


Blogs are a vital part of a successful marketing strategy in 2021. Numerous studies show that regular blogging brings around more than 3.5 times more leads and online traffic than not using them. However, simply writing a blog and hoping for the best will not be enough. You have to take the proper steps and develop appropriate lead magnets. Follow the lead magnet ideas mentioned above, and your business’s revenue will grow in no time!