Everything You Need To Know About D3S HID Bulb

Everything You Need To Know About D3S HID Bulb

The D3S bulb is a quartz glass capsule-based reflecting kind of HID. An electric arc between two tungsten electrodes that are encapsulated inside the quartz capsule creates light.

The D3S HID bulb has recently been improved. Since 2009, new D3S bulbs have been made without mercury, which makes them more ecologically friendly and uses a different voltage.

Why Should You Choose The D3S HID Bulb?

The main benefit of D3S bulbs is that they emit a light that is nearly as white as sunlight. They are ideal for use as headlights because of this. In addition, these bulbs range in color temperature from 4300K to 4400K.

The D3S bulb produces 3200 lumens of light, which is a little less than a halogen headlight. However, because of its superior color representation, it reflects more light onto the road. The brightness of this bulb remains consistent for the duration of its lifespan, which is around 2000 hours.

D3S bulbs typically last 3000 hours and have a nominal power of 42 V/35 W. This implies that if you often use your headlights, you will need to repair them every two years. However, you don’t have to be concerned about the cost of replacement because these bulbs are inexpensive.

How Should You Upgrade Your Bulbs?

One of the most crucial safety components in your car is the lighting system. Therefore, it’s crucial to switch to D3S HID bulbs in order to ensure optimum sight when driving.

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You should start by consulting the owner’s manual or searching online for car-specific instructions. This will guarantee that you are aware of the proper bulb type and size for your vehicle.

As the next step, open the hood of your automobile and look for the headlight assembly once you have the right bulb. You can remove it from the assembly by turning the old bulb counterclockwise.

It is advised to avoid touching the replacement bulb’s glass with your fingers since doing so could cause it to burn out too soon. To secure the replacement bulb in place, insert it into the assembly and turn it clockwise. Then, close the hood of your car and turn on the headlights to check the new bulb.


You may easily switch to D3S bulbs for your car’s lighting system by following these easy instructions. This will increase your visibility while driving and contribute to your safety. Select the brand of D3S bulbs that best suits your needs from the SuncentAuto / HID headlight bulbs collection, then continue!