Few Popular Ways to Optimize Your Videos for Search

Few Popular Ways to Optimize Your Videos for Search

Today, SEO is not just about content and images. Video SEO has also become extremely popular. There are different ways by which you can monetize your website and gain a lot of customers by taking the help of video SEO. Video SEO is, however, not the exact same thing as regular videos. Video SEO has also been changing significantly in the last few years.

Video SEO refers to the act of optimising your videos to be indexed and ranked on a search engine result page for different keyword searches. There are various optimization strategies which will give your videos a better chance of ranking on search engines. There are numerous SEO tools available as well which will help you in this process. You can visit our blogs to know why i use a free serp checker to improve the SEO ranking of websites.

Few Interesting Tips to Optimize your Videos:

So, here we are with some of the most popular video SEO that will definitely help you to generate a lot of traffic towards your website:

Choose the appropriate video hosting platform: While choosing your video hosting platform, there are a number of things that you need to consider. You need to understand whether you want to optimize your videos to get new leads or to generate more traffic. Your goals and motives should be quite clear to you. If you are not much concerned about generating traffic and more focused on creating brand awareness, you must consider options like Vimeo and YouTube. However, if you are more interested in gaining on-site traffic, you need to look for a good hosting platform.

Insert a video transcript: While scrolling through Facebook, you will see several videos which have captions along with them. You will easily be able to view these videos without disturbing your roommates. In this way, video trans trips have a very big role to play in the optimization process. Your videos will become accessible to a larger audience. Not only will this make your videos more scrapable, you will also be able to generate potential leads.

Make sure that your thumbnail images are interactive: You should include engaging video thumbnails in your website. Whenever a searcher finds that your video is indexed, it plays a really good impact in his/her mind. The thumbnail images should be both relevant and compelling. Videos having custom thumbnails have better play rates as compared to one without them. Make sure that your thumbnails are relevant to what you are trying to rank for. It should also be relevant to the content that you post on your website.

Pay a lot of attention to the description and title of your videos: Just like blog posts, your videos must also have a proper title and meta descriptions. Meta descriptions play a vital role in ranking videos. Make sure that your videos have  engaging titles and descriptions. The titles should also be meaningful. You must carry out proper keyword research and only include relevant keywords in your title and description.

Make sure that your entire webpage is optimized: You cannot completely rely on optimizing your video to get better rank on search engines. You must make sure that your entire webpage is optimised for SEO. Otherwise, search engines will not crawl your web page in the first place. You can take the help of SEO tools to optimize your website. One such popular tool is Zutrix. It is one of the best SEO tools which is currently trending in the market. It is also absolutely free of cost.

Don’t include the same videos in multiple locations: You must have unique videos for every page of your website. If you post the same videos in multiple places, then it leaves a negative impact in the minds of the users. You must also make sure that the video you post is completely irrelevant to the content of your website. Otherwise, you will not get the desired results.

Your webpage should be focused on your videos: Many times, we find websites having videos which are completely hidden. Sometimes, the user will have to continuously scroll and scroll to land on the video. This naturally causes the play rate to decrease. Search crawlers will also not identify your videos. That is why you must place your video at a convenient location in your webpage. This will increase the crawlability factor of your video and your rank will also improve.

So, these were some of the most relevant video SEO tips for you. If you want to know more about how to gain permanent subscribers for your video platform, you must click here.