Glasses That Do More Than Just Eyesight Correction

Glasses That Do More Than Just Eyesight Correction

Gone are those days when glasses were used just as a sight correction instrument, or even a fashion accessory. They are now being used for a multiple of purposes – thanks to the demands of consumers, followed up by innovation in the eyewear industry.

In this writeup, we will look into the types of glasses that have redefined the eyewear space by performing special functions, apart from the conventional function of eyesight correction and catering to the fashion needs of people. So the next time you order new glasses online, you can be aware of the various other functions that glasses are capable of providing.

Anti-glare Glasses

Glare occurs when light rays reflected off obstacles on the ground strike our eyes directly. Although it can be faced by anyone and everyone, drivers and cyclists constantly complain of this problem.

By applying an anti-glare coating to your lenses, glare can be minimised to negligible levels. If you too encounter glare on a daily basis, it’s important that you get a pair of anti-glare glasses immediately.

Reading Glasses

The lenses used in reading glasses magnify the texts that you read. This reduces the risk of various eyesight defects and also common conditions like eyestrains, headaches, etc. Reading glasses not only protect your eyes but also improve your reading productivity. On top of all this, it can also bring about an element of intellectuality and style to your reading.

If you are wanting to read for longer hours and that too in style, there are lots of reading glasses for women and men available over the online medium. So what are you waiting for? Head online and get your pair to spice up your reading journey.

Sports Glasses

There is a lot of stress that needs to be laid on the importance of safety gear in sports. And when it comes to the sensitive eyes, there is no room for compromise at all. A pair of sports glasses is a must.

There is no doubt that you will have to customise your pair of sports glasses depending upon the nature of your sport, but there are a few things that will always remain constant.

The fit becomes very important when it’s about sports glasses. You can also use a strap for your sports glasses to stay on the safer side. Also, the material used for both your frames and lenses are crucial in arriving at the right pair of sports glasses. The material needs to have a high strength, impact-resistance and flexibility. This is what the rough and tough nature of sports demands.

Also you have to ensure that your glasses provide full peripheral coverage for your eyes and refrain from using something like a pair of rimless glasses.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Digital screens now occupy an integral part in most of our lives. The dependence upon digital screens is only increasing with digitalisation making its way into almost all aspects of our lives. This has resulted in a spike in screen time for many.

Digital screens are known to emit blue light – a component of the visible light spectrum. Blue light has a relatively higher frequency than the other components of the visible light spectrum. The excessive exposure to blue light or exposure in dim light conditions can prove to be harmful to our eyes. It may cause conditions like eyestrains, headaches and related issues.