How Do You Inflate A Bubble Ball

How Do You Inflate A Bubble Ball

If you do not have access to them, connect the electric pump nozzle to the ball valve and turn it on in expansion mode to inflate the bubble ball.  Keep in mind that you need to play in a location with access to nearby outlets and generators.

There is a strap inside the bubble ball for easy adjustment. Once blown up, simply slide it, strap it on, adjust it and you’re ready to rumble.

To bleed air, simply reverse the placement of the pump nozzles, place the nozzles on the ball valve, turn on the pump and bleed the ball. The bubble ball shrinks in a few seconds and can be easily folded.

Super Wobble: The Perfect Unique Ball

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The all-new Super Wobble Ball isn’t the first time my family has heard about Wobble. Last year I bought a Wubble for pee from a local toy store and I liked the concept.

What If The Super Wobble Ball Has A Hole?

The good news is that the maker of this bubble ball, NSI International, knows the kids. We provide two patches in case someone is playing hard.

To reduce the chance of problems, do not fill Super Wobble Balls beyond 30 inches in diameter. In fact, if you don’t inflate a little, the shots for the long-term success of the ball will be even better.

How Does It Work?

Once blown up, it’s absolutely out of control and easily shrinks if you need to store it.

To explode, insert the nozzle that came with the Super Wobble Ball and use the motor to explode. When it is the right size, turn off the motor and remove the nozzle. This is because there are no closures to work with.

I use a tape measure to measure the strings so that I don’t paint too much. When inflated, make sure it doesn’t get too big compared to the strings.

At the end of the day’s play, insert the motor nozzle into the air hole and bleed the air without turning on the motor. That way, you can blow it up the next time you want to use it, without taking up space or accidentally popping out.

As I said, when we blew it up, the Super Wobble Ball went well. However, it was difficult to blow up for the first time.

We learned some tricks along the way to make it easier for you to start enjoying the ball faster.

Troubleshooting Super Wobble Ball Inflation

The motor must run at full power to blow up the ball.

First, I took out four AA batteries from other devices and used them. The motor was now turned on, but it wasn’t powerful enough to get enough air to blow up a super wobble ball beyond the size of a basketball.

The battery worked fine elsewhere, but the motor needs a new battery.

Make sure the nozzle is fully inserted into the super wobble ball. Inserting as far as you want is not enough.

Again, the ball swells to almost the size of a basketball and then stops. Don’t panic.

Insert more nozzles and go beyond where you should go. I felt like I was pushing too much and it would open a hole, but I moved the ball material of the Super Wobble a little so that the nose wouldn’t pierce the edge and continue.

It can be difficult to insert the nozzle correctly. Fortunately, NSI included a cotton swab and petrolatum for simplicity.

Again, you need to wipe the entire air hole, not just the outside. Push the swab fully in until it pops out from the bottom.

Finally, after the ball has blown up, turn off the motor and remove the nozzle from the air hole. If you turn off the motor and leave it inside, the ball will begin to contract.

Pull it out and if your navel looks like a ball, gently push back the “outie”. If left untouched, slow leaks can occur.