How to Prepare a Car Bill of Sale Document?

How to Prepare a Car Bill of Sale Document?

A Car Bill of Sale (BOS) is a legal document that records the transfer of ownership of a vehicle between two parties. It contains detailed information about the vehicle being sold, including its price, description, quantity, and date of purchase.

Once a BOS is signed by both parties to the sale transaction, the seller becomes the legal owner of the vehicle and no longer owns it. If you plan to sell any item, whether they are tangible assets like cars and property, or intangible assets like services and intellectual property, then a bill of sales document (also referred to as a bill of sale or simply a bill) is probably going to be needed. You can easily find a car bill of sale free template available online, which can be downloaded and customized as needed, for your specific requirements and circumstance.

What Does a Car Bill of Sale Document Include?

You should check and double check your document, in order to ensure that you have everything in order. A typical car bill of sales document consists of three parts:

  • The heading
  • The body
  • An endorsement

The heading includes the name of the buyer and the seller, along with the address of the seller and the buyer’s address. In addition to providing proof of identity, the heading should also provide contact details, especially if the bill of sale documents are sent electronically.

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The body of the bill of sale document contains the terms of the sale contract. These might include details of the time, place and manner of the sale; the type of vehicle that is being sold; and how much the seller is getting paid.

Sometimes sellers add a clause to the bill of sale stating that the goods are not as represented by the buyer. For example, if a car is being sold at auction and the buyer says the odometer was rolled back, the seller may want to add a clause to the contract saying that the car is only worth what it actually sells for at auction.

To protect themselves, sellers commonly sign the bill of sale in Texas document in front of a third party witness who agrees to testify in court if need be. When the bill of sale is complete, the seller gives it to the buyer, who signs it in his or her own name and gives it to the seller. At this point, the seller officially transfers ownership of the vehicle to the buyer.

In some cases, the buyer may want to retain ownership of the vehicle being purchased even after signing the bill of sale document. To do this, he or she will endorse the bill of sale, essentially agreeing for self to become legally responsible for the vehicle.

You can make a copy of the bill of sale before it goes out the door. You may even attach it to the receipt and send them together as a package. Or you can create a separate email attachment containing the bill of sale and your invoice. You can download bill of sale form for any US state from this website including for Florida, Texas or Michigan bill of sale.