How to Present a Trophy at Your Office

How to Present a Trophy at Your Office

Have you ever received a trophy or projected getting one? It’s an exhilarating feeling, isn’t it? Going the extra mile in anything you do, whether at home or in the office and being accredited for it, is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world for adults and children alike. As such, when it comes to running your organization, you’ll understand the power of recognition as you look for more ways to keep your employees motivated and loyal.

One of the key ways to award exemplary performance staff members is by awarding them with trophies as they make great memorabilia for notable occurrences. How you present a trophy makes a significant difference in the esteem in which the recipient will receive it. Here is a simple guideline.

#1: Get Creative with Trophy Designs

Put further thought into trophy designs. As far as possible, add in some personality and create a theme to have the trophies become more relevant. For instance, if you’re thinking of awarding the star employee for the year, perhaps consider a star design for the trophy. If you are firm on employees embracing the company values, contemplate having the company’s logo as a trophy design.

Alternatively, if you’d like to recognize a key player in, say, project implementation, a key is a thoughtful selection for the trophy design. There’s really no limit to your creativity. A customized trophy will bring to the forefront what quality was being recognized and make it relatable for a long time.

#2: Offer Accompaniments

While receiving a trophy is a notable moment, sometimes, adding an accompaniment like a certificate or gift will make it more memorable for the recipient. This is because, while a trophy can be displayed on the mantle in one’s home, a certificate can be framed and displayed on one’s desk. Accompaniments, therefore, act as gentle reminders both at home and at work, giving one continuous motivation to keep the spirit.

#3: Make It a Big Deal

For many people, having others aware of individual achievements is weightier than basking in the glory alone. It’s one of the reasons why social media has an abundance of individuals sharing their day-to-day lives, with some videos even going viral. Make the presentation of trophies a big deal, and have people around the office talking about the event and looking forward to it. Plan it well to make it something people look forward to each year. Additionally, you can plan it so that all staff members are present to create a larger audience.

#4: Speeches Provide Emphasis

Having speeches during a trophy presentation not only tells people why the recipient has achieved that accolade, but it is also an opportune moment for them to say a few words, possibly as they encourage other team members. It is crucial to note that with considerate groundwork, you can make employee achievement awards a unique experience for the team players within the company. Also, do not limit trophies to top management executives only but instead strive to include everyone across the board.

#5: The Award Ceremony

Carry out the award ceremony as a noteworthy event that will leave an imprint in everyone’s minds for months to come. To achieve this, you may consider hiring the services of a great catering company. This helps to keep people inspired and anticipate recognition. This will result in highly self-motivated people who have something more to look forward to beyond their monthly wages.

You can also add a tinge of suspense to the occasion by having other team members guess who the recipient is and why they are so deserving of the award. Address the audience with attributes of the said individual and have them suggest the recipient. This makes the event fun, while at the same time picking people’s thoughts and possibly giving you suggestions of which employees to keep an eye on in the next quarter.

Final Thoughts

When planning the trophy presentation event, be keen on notifying your members well in advance to have people available and prepared. In some circumstances, you may present a trophy mid-year, depending on the achievement. This can either be a departmental session or an occasion for the entire organization. In a nutshell, be thoughtful in the preparation and mindful in the gifting.