How to Start a CBD Business

Are you looking to start a CBD business? If so, you’re not alone. The CBD business has gained significant traction and popularity in recent years. Not only is it a growing market, but it’s also lucrative.

Here, we’ll talk about what CBD is and provide you with some tips on how to go about starting a CBD business.

What is CBD?

First things first, what exactly is CBD? In summary, CBD is a compound that’s found in both cannabis and hemp plants. Not only does CBD not have a psychoactive effect, but it’s suggested to have a plethora of health and therapeutic benefits.

Even though CBD is a compound in hemp and cannabis plants, it has less than 0.3%THC so it’s legal to grow, harvest and process.

Tips to starting a CBD business

1. Looking at your target audience

When it comes to starting a CBD business, one of the first things that you’d need to consider is your target audience. Think about what they do, where they shop and what they care about. With that, you’ll be able to create marketing campaigns and product packaging that appeals to them.

2. Make sure that you’re reading up on all regulations in regard to starting a CBD business

3. Start forming your business plan

Your business plan should have everything from objectives to how you plan on achieving your goals. It’s essentially a roadmap that will guide you on how to handle aspects of your business. Your business plan can also help you secure funding and set you up for long-term success.

4. What types of products are you selling?

There’s a plethora of CBD products to choose from, so you’ll need to figure out what types of CBD products you’ll be selling. Examples include sprays, pills, vapes, patches and even edibles.

5. Secure reliable merchant services

If you want to sell your CBD online, you’ll then need to make sure that you’ve got a proper payment processor that will allow you to accept various payment methods.

6. Search for your supplier

Once you’ve figured all of the above out, it’s time to search for your CBD supplier. While you can create your own CBD products, you can also partner with another brand or dropshipper. The latter is an ideal choice if you’re looking to reduce your upfront costs to a minimum.

7. Shipping and Pricing

Once you’ve figured out your supplier, it’s time to take your shipping and pricing strategy into consideration. Think about what your costs are, and how you’d like to go about with shipping and handling – whether that be the minimum cost for free delivery, a feasible delivery timeline and more.


8. Marketing your CBD business

Once you’ve figured out the operations side of things, it’s time to think about how you can go about acquiring customers. Make sure that you’ve got a website up and running and take your marketing strategy into consideration.

You can create blogs talking about the benefits of CBD, run ads in regard to it, and even partner with certain reputable healthcare brands to help your CBD products garner more traction and visibility.