Importance Of Recruitment Agency Software For A Staffing And Recruiting Firm

If you’re a recruitment and staffing firm, then you’re certainly acquainted with the overload that the hiring process can bring in. With so much task overload, recruiters can lose track and make mistakes like,

  • Not casting a large enough net
  • Missing out on pre-screening steps
  • Making the application process too cumbersome for the candidate
  • Leakage through the pipes: It’s easy to lose track of candidates when you’ve got so much to do.
  • Losing great applicants as the process is not enriching!
  • Not being communicative with your clients.

The solution is simple. Consider a recruitment agency software like Recruiterflow to manage all the complications around talent acquisition. At the same time, the system will also boost the quality of your hiring process.

  • Why is a Recruitment Agency ATS a great choice?

ATS streamlines your recruitment efforts. It helps you automate certain parts of your process so that you can focus on building quality candidate relationships and hiring the person best suited for the position. Some of the best in-class features of ATS are as follows:

  • A strong careers page which is also mobile friendly.
  • Job board integrations
  • Applicant management
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Communication management tools like email templates, auto capture of applicant responses, communications logs, and integrated calendaring
  • Reporting (Team productivity, Pipeline, and placements)
  • 1-click sourcing management
  • Detailed applicant profiles
  • Compliance features for capture and storage of confidential information
  • Custom workflows and user roles

ATS has a  lot more to offer and recruiting professionals around the globe have sworn by its efficiency to boost your hiring efforts. We’ve compiled 5 reasons why every staffing and recruitment firm must consider an ATS:

Saves a huge amount of time

Posting jobs on multiple websites, promoting open job positions on social media, responding to applicant mails all day can eat up precious hours of your workday.

ATS solutions automate mundane tasks like posting jobs, pre-screening applicants and facilitates faster communication via email templates, and takes the heavy lifting out of reporting.

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Helps communicate better and foster relationship building

An ATS provides you with relationship management tools to improve communication with clients and set a great brand impression. With varied options like personalized one-to-one and mass email options, a communications log, notes, calendar integration, and other features that streamline communication, you can engage with clients in a timely and professional manner.

Enriches candidate experience

The job market has become candidate-centric, making candidate experience a critical part of the recruitment process. So, delivering a more modern, organized and engaging recruitment process will not only add value to your company but also to your applicants as well. Using an ATS in your recruitment process also helps you to strengthen your employer branding during the process through job posts, application forms, career pages, email communications etc.

More actionable data

With a recruitment agency ATS, you can effortlessly sort and compare applicants, merge duplicate contacts, and review passive applicant records for potential matches. ATS gives you greater ability to mine applicant data to make informed recruiting and hiring positions.

Analyze your recruitment process

An ATS provides you with performance reports. Its analytics functionalities can create reports that allow to monitor key recruitment metrics and provide useful insights to improve your recruitment process.

  • Conclusion

As talent acquisition becomes more competitive and more technology-reliant, companies must evolve to tackle new challenges and hire the best talent. You have to constantly upgrade to become more effective and efficient in sourcing candidates. As a final note, the right ATS can give your business a competitive edge in recruitment market.