Powerpoint Templates Makes Your Cover Slides Beautiful Than Expected

Powerpoint Templates

The second article in this series explains how to create a stunning cover slide using PowerPoint. It follows simple rules that are easy and straightforward to follow. Your Powerpoint templates design is the most important part of a PowerPoint presentation. This is where you can surprise and delight your audience. You must start your PowerPoint presentation with the cover slide if you want it to be a success. Your cover slide sets the tone for the entire presentation and allows you to be credible.


Packaging is the way you wrap, promote and differentiate your product. Your Powerpoint templates, presentation is the product, and your cover slides the packaging. Its purpose is to promote, differentiate and wrap your PowerPoint presentation. Your cover slide is the most important part of PowerPoint presentation slides design. To grab people’s attention, your cover slide should stand out from the rest.

Getting Peoples Attentions

Your chance to grab attention is in creating a stunning cover. The second good news is that this slide will demonstrate to your audience that the design was thoughtfully thought out. People will expect to see more amazing slides if this slide is good. There are two options for designing a cover slide. One can use photography and one can use no photography. Let’s start with the first. The rest will be covered later. Before you start the PowerPoint tutorial, ensure that your PowerPoint slide is 12 * 7.5.

Walden Google Slides – Slidequest

Relevant Images Regarding Topics and Points

PPT design begins with the question: What is your presentation topic? What is it related to? These questions will help you find a picture, illustration, or drawing that relates to the topic. It doesn’t matter if you are a salesperson, engineer, or astronaut. Keep in mind our success principles. Keep it simple, but concrete.

Use keywords to find the right words. Use your imagination. Google Slides templates  Bing, and Yahoo! are all options. You can search the Images Databases for amazing pictures. Browse blogs that discuss your topic. You can also use this Flickr Search Tool. You should choose high-quality photos with high pixel resolution. It will look unprofessional and cheap if it is not. Why would you want a good image? You will get their attention once they have seen it. If you have a lot of text on the slide they will read it instead of listening. This is something you do not want.

Google images were my first stop. I just needed to type “engineering drawing” into the search box. I chose one of the cool options available

Usage Excellent Presentation Titles

Now you can insert your image. Now, extend your images to cover the slide. (Just make sure that it doesn’t get too deformed). Let’s go back to the “engineering drawings” image I just selected. You will need to write down the contents of this PPT presentations, somewhere. I recommend not to place the text directly on the image.

It’s difficult to read, even though it is easily readable. Even worse, it could be. Think about your reader. Make him feel at ease. Your PowerPoint presentation will make your reader feel at ease if it is easy to read, clear, and easily accessed. The infographics, of your PowerPoint presentation title, can be determined by the background photo (as an example, “power supply stuff” is a brown part of the background). – Add a keyword or text box to each line. It will be easier to adjust font size and style. This slide contains two text boxes: “Engineering Topics” and “keynote themes,”