Reasons to Use Aptitude Tests When Recruiting

When recruiting for a new position in your team or your business, you’ll want to ensure you can learn as much about potential candidates as possible, to ensure you make the right selection, and that the candidate is the right fit for the role.

Aptitude Tests can help to determine the cognitive ability of the person being tested. They act as an accurate measurement of abilities, skills, and attributes. They are not like any regular exam. Typically, aptitude tests involve personality tests, reasoning tests, and numeric tests. Sometimes, they also include written answers, problem-solving, and more.

You may be thinking about psychometric tests and why using them can be an important part of the recruitment or hiring process. A psychometric test is a unique form of job recruiting exam. An aptitude test is a part of psychometric assessment that falls in a wider range. They focus more on tasks and the ability of the person—for instance, the performance of a candidate in logical reasoning.

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What are the Different Types of Aptitude Tests?

Various types of aptitude assessments are enabled to measure the applicant’s ability or aptitude. Here are some different types of aptitude exams:

Ø  Abstract Reasoning Tests- this exam is also known as Inductive Reasoning Tests. The employers understand how well the applicant knows logical reasoning. The questions come in different shapes and patterns rather than numerical identities.

Ø  In-tray or E-tray- this is mostly used to determine the types of roles. It ensures the employer about the applicant’s ability to manage the entire task and finish it within the given deadline. However, it is important to have time management skills to plan the work efficiently.

Why do Employers use Aptitude Tests? -

Ø  Numerical Reasoning Tests- the entire assessment is based on regular statistics and charts. The employers check whether the applicants have better knowledge of numbers or not. They give several numeric problems and statistical data based questions.

Ø  Verbal Reasoning Tests- it is also known as a written exam. These tests ask questions that need verbal attention or written process. Large collections of texts are provided with different questions.

Therefore, the employers can understand the level of knowledge and experience of the applicants. They can easily compare candidates according to their skill and ability. Critical questioning can help them to increase their experience and knowledge too. You may have great candidates, but among them you have the highest aptitude scorer. Hence, you will always go for the most eligible one. It will help your organization to make more opportunities as you get an amazing team with quality workers.


Many industries, as well as small business entities, have opted for aptitude exams for recruitment. These help the employers to get highly skilled workers. These exams are very complex and need the right person for their achievement. It is best for air traffic control, computer programming, banking, manufacturing, and accounting. Hence, employers must switch to aptitude assessments for choosing the right candidates for recruitment.