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Removing Sand from Your Washer

Removing Sand from Your Washer

With the popularity of aquarium keeping hobby on the rise, came about newer technology developments that offers utmost convenience to the many aquarists worldwide. Such equipment’s and supplies are constantly invented and re-invented to help aquarium keepers take advantage of the most effective fish keeping practices possible and help maintain their fishes in the best condition.

With the discovery of the most basic filtration systems, pumps, and aeration systems, aquarists have discovered the great difference brought about by these sand washer technologies. Greater appreciation was felt when the market made available the use of more upgraded filters, UV sterilizers, automatic fish food dispensers, water testing kits, water pH analyzers, flow meters, aquarium heaters, wave makers and a few more brilliant ideas that do make life easier for aquarium owners. Of the many innovations in the fish keeping and aquarium maintenance tools, the fish tank sand washer proves to be one of those that offer many advantages. An amazing tool that makes gravel cleaning very convenient, efficient, and gets things done in half the time you usually spend when doing it manually.

  1. Its mechanism works by removing dirt from the gravel while simultaneously performing water change without disturbing the gravel and tank decorations, sparing you from having to remove your tank’s contents every water change. Not only it greatly helps keep your tank clean, it also saves you a lot of back-breaking work and time. Another impressive innovation that is found very useful in tank maintenance is the fish tank sand filter.
  2. Unlike traditional filters commonly used in many tanks; this one utilizes sand washer as medium for bacteria settlement. The sand, which contains some good bacteria, is a vital part of the filter itself, breaking down harmful chemicals particularly ammonia and nitrite which are known bi-products of fish waste and food debris.
  3. The beneficial bacteria is said to convert these toxics to something more harmless called the nitrate. This mechanism is also found to greatly help maintain water clarity as well as improve the water quality.

Now I was in a situation that I needed to get the sand out of my washer. So here are the steps that I took.

My washer is now ready for regular wash and I have learned an important lesson. Always check the pockets after holidays because you never know what you might bring home.


Useful equipment’s, the sand filter and sand washer, could now be easily found in many local aquatic supply stores and many online places specializing in aquarium maintenance equipment’s. Each may come in many brands, and prices may vary according to its sophistication. Larger tanks would naturally need larger filters or greater sand washer capacity. Surely there would be newer tools that would offer the same benefits for your tank, your tank water and most especially to your fishes, such discoveries and innovations would always be welcomed by aquarists.

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