Technological Issues Bottlenecking Organizations


Every organization views their opportunity costs differently. For most, viewing time as money has given organizations the perspective that wasting time is therefore wasting money. What organizations have also come to realize is that a lot of time is wasted by employees both in the office and while working remotely. While there are obvious ways that employees waste time such as cell phone usage, gossiping, browsing the internet or even taking a few extra minutes during lunch, one issue reigns supreme: IT-related issues.

Just how impactful are these IT-related issues organization-wide? Well, the average employee will waste about 22 minutes on a daily basis troubleshooting and resolving their IT-related issues. Sure, 22 minutes a day may not seem that impactful, but take a look at that value week over week and you may reconsider. Nearly an hour and a half of wasted time per work week can certainly have an impact. In a year, the average employee will have wasted over two weeks’ worth of work time resolving these issues.

Identifying and resolving these issues has always been a challenge, namely because of the number of devices spread across organizations. Employees’ mobile devices, for example, have been known to cause issues largely related to poor network connection provided by the carrier or a poor Wi-Fi connection keeping employees from connecting when necessary. Battery charges have also been known to stop employees from remaining as productive as possible. Employees who find ways to work around these issues still experience trouble related to proprietary software crashing, or devices rebooting on their own causing wasted time and potentially valuable data being lost.

While the issues that plague employees seem never-ending, the scary part is that a majority of these issues never get reported to IT-departments. The employees that fail to do so are often left to resolve the issue themselves which will take even longer than if they had reported the issue. This can cause even more stress to the employees resulting in an even lower productivity level. This can be seen through the amount of time employees will have to spend to try and get back on track, which is nearly 23 minutes on average. Coupled with the average amount of time spent resolving the issue and you’re at about an hour’s worth of wasted time.

Organizations must prioritize ways in which they can reduce the amount of IT-related issues that their employees face on a regular basis. Not only will this have a positive impact on the mental health of their employees, it can also improve their productivity over time. For methods to incorporate into your organizations in order to reduce the amount of time employees spend facing these issues, be sure to check out the infographic coupled alongside this post. Courtesy of Time Technology.