Ten Features Your Ecommerce Application Must Have

Ecommerce Application

Mobile devices are more than indispensable tools for today’s consumers; a lot of time is spent on them every day. According to data, the countries that spend the most time using their devices are Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil, America, China, and Spain.

Spending a lot of time there can be a good advantage for businesses looking to capitalize on mobile devices. It may not even be a not-so-complex goal, especially if the company has an application. Data indicates that Mobile apps accumulate 89 percent of the time that consumers spend using their devices.

For businesses, an app can be the most effective solution to join the world of electronic commerce, and for that reason, here we share the ten characteristics that every app used for this purpose must have:


Personalization has many advantages, and that is why the best apps use it. For mobile commerce, this is key because it allows an approach to a consumer that is much more meaningful through messages, suggestions, and tailor-made offers.

Zero Bugs and Errors

When an app has many errors, bugs, and other failures, it is practically sure that it will frustrate the user and leave a bad experience. However, according to data from a survey presented by the source, 50 percent of app users consider that performance is crucial.

Integration with Retail

If you have an app for mobile commerce and the business also has a physical space, it is ideal that they complement each other since consumers may be already using their mobile phones when they visit your store. Therefore, you can leverage different actions to improve their experience. For example, you can start with something simple like offering free wi-fi so they can connect and access your app while walking through the store.


Discounts and other types of offers, such as exclusive ones, are good incentives for users to download your app first and, second, to use it constantly.

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Clear Descriptions

As it is another space for electronic commerce, it is ideal that your app has descriptions of the products sold. So consider being brief and precise.

Quality Images

Images are another aspect of great relevance in mobile commerce; products need quality images. The experience must be similar to that they can have in the physical space.

Customer Service

No matter how good and clear your mobile commerce app is, there will surely be people who have questions and problems, so you should be there to address these situations, for example, the must-have app features like live chat, telephone, or email support.

Easy and Safe Checkout

If you do not want to limit the sales you can generate from the app, it is necessary not to complicate the purchase process for users. The checkout must be fast, easy, and secure to boost confidence in future customers.

Payment Alternatives

Also, do not lose opportunities to make sales; you must offer various payment options from your app. It is a fact that people may doubt when the business asks them to enter their card details, so it is helpful to have options that can be better known or perceived as more trustworthy, for example, PayPal.

Push Notifications

Finally, experts suggest that every app must have push notifications to inform people about the offers, news, or promotions that you are launching when they are not in your app.