The Everest Foundation Joins Forces with Danny Trejo to Help Frontline Workers

The Everest Foundation Joins Forces with Danny Trejo to Help Frontline Workers

Medical education advocate Dr. Michael Everest recently provided some cheer to 800 families of frontline workers. All of them received food packs at the East Los Angeles Civic Center in a drive-through event that ensured the safety of all participants. The orderly distribution was also witnessed by Hilda Solis, the LA County Supervisor.

Dr. Everest is one of the Everest Foundation’s founders, a global non-profit organization that aims to change the future of medicine. It gives young people opportunities to join innovative projects in medical education and research. The foundation provides funding for various initiatives that provide value to both the individual members and the teaching hospitals. They also fund medical research training to meet the needs of communities around the world. Sensitive to medical residents’ needs, they even promote their wellness to prevent or treat addiction, burnout, and mental health issues in their ranks. 

The Everest Foundation is located in East LA. Hence, Dr. Everest and the rest of the organization thought it was fitting to give back to their community, particularly the frontline workers that do their jobs around the facility. The past year under coronavirus lockdown has been a difficult one for everyone, but some have been hit more than others. Many have suffered from the loss of jobs or reduced wages. There are those who can barely afford to put food on the table, much less have a feast for the holidays. Giving out the food bowls was the foundation’s way of making people smile while showing how grateful they are for the service and dedication of these workers.

The food donation is in partnership with Danny Trejo, who has his own restaurant chain, Trejo’s Tacos. The actor had a tough guy image that served him well in Hollywood. His long hair, wide mustache, and intimidating aura made him a great fit for action movies and adventure blockbusters. People may remember him for his roles in top-grossing films like Con Air, Heat, Desperado, and Spy Kids. Aside from helping vulnerable people during the holidays, donations like this also allow the badly-hit foodservice sector to stay open by keeping orders coming. Trejo has written a heartfelt message of thanks in his Instagram account.

This is just one of the Everest Foundation’s countless projects aimed at assisting the marginalized sectors of society. Most of their philanthropic efforts revolve around medicine, including support for teaching hospitals in the vulnerable areas of America. They assist medical school graduates in their pursuit of post-graduate training by funding relevant research and connecting them with different local partners. The foundation also has global initiatives that focus on the most pressing needs of poverty-stricken countries.

Some of the foundation’s ventures deal with cutting-edge research such as spinal cord injury, 3D printing, and organ transplant. They are also active in helping armed forces veterans and funding charity initiatives. Sometimes they initiate charitable drives such as the holiday food donation in East LA, an event that hopefully inspires other people and institutions to give back to their communities as well.

The world is facing a medical crisis at an unprecedented level. There is no doubt that The Everest Foundation will be part of the efforts to provide long-term medical solutions to the affected vulnerable populations. However, they do not limit themselves to such remote visions. They know that today matters as much as the future, so they are also involved in short-term initiatives with an immediate impact like food donation. With the help of partners like Danny Trejo and the LA County, the Everest Foundation is able to do its charity work safely and effectively for the community.