The Richest People In Dubai

Dubai has a population of 3.3 million, but there are rich giants in Dubai. It is the second richest city in the region and 20th richest city in the world. There are so many rich people in Dubai. People admire the lifestyle of these rich people. Luxury living is very common in people of Dubai, places like Port De La Mer Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, and Burj Al Arab. The owners and even the ones who can afford to live in these luxury lives are for sure wealthy people.

Here is the list of richest people in Dubai

Majid Al Futtaim

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According to Forbes, his net worth is around AED 22,405,056,000. He is ranked as the richest person in Dubai. The main source of income of Majid is Majid Al Futtaim Holdings ( MAF). It has grown into one of the largest companies of UAE. The company is operating more than 120 stores in The Middle East, North Africa, and the Central Asian region. According to Forbes, the company generated the revenue of AED 32,322,048,000 in the year 2017.

Abdullah Bin Ahmar Al Ghurair

In 1967, Abdullah founded the Mashreq bank, which has now grown into one of the leading banks of Dubai. The son of Abdullah, Abdul Aziz, is now holding the position of CEO in the company drawing a healthy salary. The net worth of Abdullah Bin Ghurair is AED 17,997,504,000. These billions of wealth also came from his other construction and real estate companies.

Ravi Pillai

Ravi Pillai abandoned his home country India and came to Dubai. He owned a construction company in India, which was later ordered to shut down due to a labour strike. The net worth of Ravi Pillai is AED 15,426,432,000. He started with a small trading business in Dubai which was later expanded into the construction company. He is the third richest man in Dubai.

M.A Yusuff Ali

This India billionaire is UAE based. He is the head of the Lulu group of companies. It is an Indian multinational company operating a chain of business in the UAE. In the leadership of Yusuff, the company has grown significantly. The company has now interest in retailing, food processing, and logistics. The net worth of Ali is AED 13,589,952,000.

Micky Jagtiani

The story of Micky Jagtiani is truly inspirational, starting from a taxi driver in London, then he shifted to Bahrain, trying his luck in baby products for 10 years. He decided to add 6 more shops to his name. The Gulf War led him to the decision to shift towards Dubai. He started a new company The Landmark Group. There, his fortunes got dramatically changed and the company started growing exponentially. The company was dealing with everything from fashion to budget toilets. The net worth of Jagtiani is AED 11,386,176,000. He is the 5th richest man of Dubai.

B.R Shetty

He was born in India. He is the head of the healthcare and financial services empire. It includes BR life, Finabir, and NMC healthcare. The net worth of B.R Shetty is AED  9,549,696,000. The B.R Shetty is a philanthropist. He is interested in giving money to social work and charity.

Sunny Varkey

Sunny Varkey is the head of GEM education, the company owns 250 schools operating worldwide, the biggest k-12 school system of the world.  He is also an Indian born Billionaire, who made his name in the list of richest people of Dubai. He has been awarded several awards. The awards include outstanding businessman of the year (2007),  Middle East excellence CEO of the year, and Education business leader of the year.

The net worth of Sunny Varkey is AED 9,549,696,000. He is an inspiration and an amazing entrepreneur.

Dubai is a city with a lot of business opportunities. Many of the people have availed this opportunity and became billionaires. There are giant builders and their amazing architectures, like Emaar Beachfront, Burj Khalifa, and District One Villas Dubai. There is a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors in Dubai. One must try their luck and invest in Dubai to truly benefit from the rewards it has to offer.