The Sartorial Woman, to some may be somewhat a taboo, considering it to be unfeminine, too serious even. I get it! Some of you girls don’t like to dress like guys. But there’s something about a girl in a shirt, blazer and brogues that says SEXY!

The style most glorified in the 80s was definitely deemed to be more for the successful businesswoman at the time (maybe even in this age), worn by the likes of Super Models Grace Jones and Karl Lagerfeld’s Muse of the 80s; Inès de La Fressange, sporting Power Suits with thick boxy shoulder pads and high-waist loose trousers/skirts.

It’s true to say that the look has definitely been present all these years favoured by high-fashion houses like Chanel & Louis Vuitton and was not as accepted in the high street, but in this day and age where mainstream fashion has bought into the idea of the androgynous, there are no rules to how anyone dresses at all, allowing more to be expressive and experimental with their style choices.

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Women such as Esther Quek (Editor of Rake Magazine) and Donya Patrice (Designer) manage to uphold the look on an everyday basis without compromising their femininity, and bring light to the endless possibilities within fashion in general. Not saying that guys can do vice versa and still look masculine (apart from a certain few designers and the Scottish)!

Ladies, you don’t have to go the whole nine yards with the look, like wearing Oakley sunglasses. But a well-fitted blazer (minus shoulder pads) matched with skinny jeans/floaty skirt; maybe even throw in a wide-brimmed fedora, all look attractive with patent brogues or even the black wedges/heels you’ve been wanting to wear all week for a night out.

All I am saying is that for the last 6 months, us guys have been “learning from the ladies”, and I think it’s only fair that we give back, with a little insight into “Menswear for Women”.

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