The Ultimate Moving Checklist for International Moves

The Ultimate Moving Checklist for International Moves

Choosing the right moving company for you is not the only thing you need to consider when moving to another country. Immigration, customs, overseas shipping, and more make it more complicated than moving across the country. A solid plan can help you make a move without headaches. Ensure a seamless transition to your new country by using this International Moving checklist.

Get An Early Start

By getting started early, you will have an easier time dealing with any surprises that come up. It is a good idea to get started six months before you move. You should do your research on your destination so that you are aware of the region’s culture, customs, and laws. Even though moving is stressful, if you do some research before you pack, you will feel better prepared for settling in a new country.

You Should Seek The Advice Of An Immigration Professional

Several other countries may require specific documentation before you can move (or visit). Having a knowledgeable immigration professional on your side can ensure that you have all the documents you need in order to move to another country legally. Besides learning about immigration laws, they will also inform you about deadlines for documentation, immunization requirements, etc. Make an appointment at the beginning of your relocation process so you can start the paperwork.

The Sort Out of Housing

It may be more challenging than you think to arrange your accommodations from a distance. Fortunately, there are relocation consulting firms and realtors who can assist you with finding the right housing for your needs. Let the professionals who understand the local laws and real estate markets handle your search in a new country, whether you require temporary accommodations or are interested in buying a home.

A Company’s International Expansion Should Be Investigated

It will take more time and permits to move your household goods abroad. It is important to compare quotes from several reputable moving companies when looking for a moving company who specializes in international moving. Verify that the company has license and insurance. In addition to assisting with customs forms, a reputable company will also assist with obtaining the appropriate permits to import your goods legally.

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Laws Pertaining To Taxation

Taxes owed in your host country and your country of citizenship may apply if you work in another country. If you are planning to live abroad, meet with an accountant to determine the tax status.

Examine Your Options For Healthcare

It is possible that your health insurance policy is not accepted in hospitals outside your country, and different health care systems exist in different countries. Your employer may reimburse you for relocation expenses if you’re relocating for work. International health insurance is also an option.

Documentation For Pets

Pets must be moved according to country-specific requirements. You should research the country’s import regulations on live animals before traveling there. Foreign pets may not be permitted in some countries, or certain dog breeds may be restricted. The majority of the time, you will need to show a health certificate that shows your pets have been vaccinated. It may be necessary to quarantine your pet upon arrival in certain circumstances.


For areas where there is a risk of contracting certain illnesses, there may be recommended vaccinations that can protect you. To determine which vaccinations you will need prior to traveling, contact your local travel clinic or department of health. Make sure you get a head start if your vaccination takes a certain amount of time to take effect. Organize your vaccination records separately from your other health records.

Getting Funding

A way must be found to access the money. You can find out if your financial institution has offices outside the U.S. by contacting them. In the event that you do not have an account, you should create one as soon as possible. The convenience of opening an account is facilitated by the availability of online banking at many banks worldwide. You can also access your funds wherever you are with this feature.