Tips for Picking the Best Domain Name

Tips for Picking the Best Domain Name

If you are in the process of getting your new business off the ground, finding the ideal name for your venture is one of the biggest decisions that you will have to make. From the moment a business is registered it takes on its own unique identity; this is primarily due to the name of the business, which allows customers to distinguish it from other brands.  The name of your business will also impact the visibility of your online presence. Whilst there are various ways to help boost this, picking the correct name helps tremendously.

Picking the correct domain name is a critical step, because changing the name can be tedious to switch and will almost certainly affect your brand and your brand’s visibility on search results. It might sound tricky to come up with a business name that is catchy and has the perfect domain but it is imperative that this is done correctly from the start to avoid any setbacks at a later stage.

Go With The .COM

There are numerous domain name extensions available, however going with a .COM is the best way to gain credibility on the internet. It might not be as creative as lets say something as niche as .beauty or .pasta but the .COM carries an established sense of trust and credibility with consumers. This by no means limits the creativity that you can have with your domain as you can still have fun with the domain name. Most users atomically assume that your page will be a .COM extension anyway, so you do not want to lose customers because they typed in “WWW.XYZPIZZA.COM” instead of “WWW.XYZ.PIZZA” . It is best to avoid any risk and unnecessary confusion by sticking with the .com extension.

Find A Domain That Matches Your Business Name

A good .COM domain can be hard to come by, especially if you are using more common keywords. With so many websites on the internet, a lot of the good domains get snatched up. When thinking of your business name, take this into consideration and pick a name that has a .COM domain available. The use of domain generators is extremely helpful in this instance. TRUiC for example has a free to use online business name generator which also doubles as a domain name checker. If you are stuck with trying to find a business or a domain name, this tool comes in pretty handy as results are generated in a matter of minutes. With the use of artificial intelligence, the generator provides new startup names as well as available domain names with the user only required to enter in a few keywords that pertain to their business.

Be Fast

Domain names get swept up in a matter of minutes so what is available at the moment may not be for long. So, if you do not act fast, someone else might very well register your domain name leaving you back at square one. If you are unsure between domain names, you can register as many as you like and when you do eventually settle on one, you can just let the others simply expire.

Make Your Name Simple And Memorable

Do not over complicate your name as this will make it difficult for customers to find you. You want to pick a name that is short, simple, easy to spell and links directly to your company name. This is important to keep in mind because consumers do not want to struggle to find your page and with so many alternatives available out there, it is easy to lose business due to an inconvenience such as a difficult URL.

Final Thoughts

Your business name is the foundation for a good domain name, so focus close attention to detail when deciding on one. Make sure your name matches your .COM domain so that it is easy for customers to find you on the internet. Online domain checkers help immensely with saving time and we recommend one that doubles as a business name generator as well. Once you have found a domain that you like it is best to act fast so that someone else does not register the site before you get a chance. With the boom in ecommerce, the online marketplace is becoming extremely competitive and it is important to take whatever edge you are able to find.