Top Four Types Of German Shepherd In Southeast Asia

Top Four Types Of German Shepherd In Southeast Asia

German Shepherd is a Germany originated dog breed which is normally a medium to large-sized modern dog. This dog breed is amongest the most widely loved and recognized breeds around the world. Originally trained as patrolling territory borders in wars and herding sheep, these dogs are considered as being perfect as guard dogs. Aside from that these dogs serve as ideals for search and rescue operations, grabbing criminals, and building protection.

Being protective, intelligent, working, obedient, and strong, the German Shepherd dog is a dog breed that often gets preference.

Breeds of German Shepherd dogs

These ferocious yet cute and adorable dogs are mainly categorized into two types of breed: the show line and the working line. It comes as a surprise to most that there are almost five different types of the Show line breed that can be identified. While the differentiation may be done based on the dog’s coat and hair, German Shepherds are also categorized based on their health and personality giving them the names of working lines.

By the time you read this article, you will get rich information about the German Shepherd breeds that exist. Read on to know more about the German Shepherd price.

What are the four best German Shepherd types?

There are multiple types of German Shepherds, but only some are considered the best. Here are the four best German Shepherd breeds that you should consider.

1. West working line German Shepherds

Being the original German Shepherds, bred by the founders of this breed, these dogs are credited for their ability to listen, learn, and work. The focus, hence, shifts from the appearance to their work. These dogs serve as the ideal example of looks second, and temperament first. Apart from being charming, they are the best workers. Like most working lines, these dogs smaller by a little margin in contrast to show lines. They are valuable in their field of work because they have a high pain tolerance. With a sable, blended coat pattern, they are strong and hardy dogs made to be perfect for work.

While sable is the most common color, these dogs can be tan, black, or a mixture of black and sable. As they have higher energy than others, these dogs have a higher prey drive. With this instinct, these dogs can act better in situations where they can do what they are meant to do: work.  West working line German Shepherds should be encouraged to do these tasks, because otherwise they can get bored and develop destructive behaviors from the nervousness. Keeping this working line as pets is a good option, but you need to fulfill their thirst will multiple and various games.

2.Czech working line German Shepherds

The Czech German Shepherd has characteristics like wolves much more than any other German Shepherd breed. This breed of German Shepherds is specially bred for patrolling country borders and as guards. Apart from this job, they are ideal for guard dogs and family pets. Being a little leaner than other working lines, these working line Czech dogs are nimbler than others. Amongst others, they are slowest in terms of their growth. As they have high agility and stamina, they serve as prey-driven dogs. In terms of the looks, Czech German Shepherds have an agouti and sable coat, which is a blend of tan and black shades.

Although they have been calm, these dogs are still perfect for work. If you are getting a Czech puppy, proper breeding, family situation, and temperament important requirements. Proper behavioral treatment is also needed. Having a relaxed temperament, and fun-loving nature, these are ideal dogs for multi-people and multi-pet households.

3. East DDR German working line German Shepherd.

The German DDR working line dogs share many of the common characteristics found in the West German line dogs. They also share the same history. Tailored and bred for heightened work desire, these dogs have a perfect ability to guard. Not every East DDR German Shepherd is prey-driven, rather some are sweet and docile. But, because this is a part of their instinctive nature, it is always better to watch out as a responsible dog owner. Having incredible endurance and focus, they are perfectly suited for mentally and physically demanding roles.

East working line DDR shepherds are very graceful and sturdy dogs. They have large-sized heads with expanded shoulders and strong bones. DDR East German Shepherds can resist long days and extreme weather conditions. Because of their strength and sturdiness, they serve as ideal dogs for tracking, attacking, and patrolling territory borders. In terms of color, these dogs are usually sable or black sable, but can sometimes be solid black, which is very rare.

4.American show line German Shepherds

These American Shepherds are often seen in Canada and U.S. and are the most different ones amongst other variations. These Shepherds are normally longer and taller with a multiplicity of colors like tan, black, saddle, saddle sable, solid black, and solid white. The coat of these Shepherds is usually lighter, and they are more laid-back. Since they have a lower drive, they also have less energy in contrast to other working lines. These dogs serve as a good option as a family pet because they are tracking, obedient, and very good at sheep herding compared to other such breeds. Because of their low strength and weakness, these dogs are not the best for law enforcement or personal protection. Nevertheless, they are a good option amongst Shepherds and are widely used.

While there are multiple breeds and types of German Shepherd dogs that you can choose from, your choice will greatly depend on what you want the dog for. While some German Shepherds are better as family pets, others may serve as being ideal for patrolling and guarding, etc. So, before you decide which dog to get, make sure to search through and do your research. Since there are multiple best German Shepherd types, you will surely find one that matches your choice. It is easily available in Pakistani Free Marketplace (Melamandi) where you can buy or sell your German Shepherd Dog easily. It is most secured Marketplace than any other, because buyer can share their personal contact details to seller and can communicate directly.