Understanding The Relationship Between Bearing Health & Machine Failure

Understanding The Relationship Between Bearing Health & Machine Failure

When arranging capital, it can be difficult for businesses to truly understand how much they’ll have to invest to keep their industrial operations afloat. A number of hidden costs come about at some of the most unexpected times which require emergency maintenance in some cases to resolve. When considering the ways in which businesses can stay prepared for these types of situations, most efforts will come in the form of prioritizing equipment health above all else. This post will serve as a deep dive into the ways businesses can keep their equipment in top shape and avoid these hidden costs.

For the sake of reducing the costs attributed to your organization’s machinery, it’s best to keep this machinery performing at the highest levels. This is best accomplished through maintenance, specifically proper lubrication and completing regular oil changes. While it can be hard to find the time to take equipment out of its normal output schedule, failure to do so for the sake of maintenance will likely cost any organization more in the future.

Unfortunately, what plagues many businesses in this space is believing that a simple fix will resolve a complex issue. Most often, this is seen through unnecessary oil changes for equipment. Though some issues may resolve with this, most won’t. Which means valuable resources and time are wasted without addressing the core issue.

When businesses fail to realize the core issue in their equipment, they’re much more at risk of causing damage to their machinery. Whether it be related to a mistake or the overall integrity of the equipment, finding the resolution can be costly. Even the most simple mistake can result in machine damage, which can go on to require maintenance and subsequent downtime. This downtime can lead to operations being incapable of being ran, running up even more additional costs to deal with.

Sometimes this damage can result in equipment failure, which leaves businesses to burden the ultimate cost. In instances where certain equipment can not be brought back to life, they’re forced to replace the machine entirely. This is why it’s so imperative to maintain equipment in the right way. As most machine malfunctions are attributed to bearing issues, its important to stay on top of the lubrication and re-lubrication of bearings. Though organizations may be tempted to replace the bearings, shafting or motors of a machine, if nothing is fixed despite the investment, that loss of capital can be detrimental.

Mistakes and damages that occur to equipment can truly cause a nightmare for businesses in the industrial space to handle. To be more prepared for these unexpected costs, consider the ways in which more preventive solutions can help. For more information on how your organization can integrate these preventive solutions into your processes and projects, be sure to take a moment and read on to the infographic coupled alongside this post. Courtesy of Isomag.