Various Types of Slot Machine Games Offered by Hlthailand Online Casino

Various Types of Slot Machine Games Offered by Hlthailand Online Casino

There would be several casino games available on the website of hlthailand. As slot games are popular, let us discuss the types of slots offered by that casino.

Types of Slot Machinegames

Reel slots – If there are only three reels placed adjacently on the slot machine, it would be a reel slot. These reels slots were the only slot games available to play when the game was introduced. However, over time, the concept of a three-reeled slot has gone away from the casino world. Now, it is rare to find one in online casinos as everything has been replaced with video slots of five reels. However, if you get to play a reel slot, you should get prepared to play with a single pay line. As there is only one pay line, you need not choose or activate anything. Whatever comes behind this pay line, you should consider it as the winning combination. As there wouldbe only ten to twelve characters on each reel and only one pay line, the number of ways the characters could arrange themselves will be less. So, you can easily predict the combination compared to other slot games. As it is comparatively easy to win, the payout percentage is lesser in reel slots. Even if you win, your winning amount would be less.

Video slots – A video slot is nothing but an upgradation of a reel slot. The number of reels would have converted from three on reels slots to five here. Also, you could not stay simply after choosing the desired character from the reels. It is your responsibility to activate a pay line to check the winning combination as there would be a minimum of nine pay lines in a video slot. Once you activate a pay line, only it would be active and all other pay lines would not come into consideration. Due to this, the number of ways a video slot could turn up the characters is more. So, you could not win a video slot often. But the payout for a video slot win would be decent.

Progressive slots – There will not be any difference in terms of the gameplay in a progressive slot. However, the thing that will change is the prize amount given to the player who guesses the right combination of characters. The Jackpot will be increasing with time.