What Are The Benefits Of Airport Lodge

What Are The Benefits Of Airport Lodge

Being a frequent traveller, there are certain things that people pay attention to. They try their best to save time and money in commuting from one place to another as this is the area we can make savings in. Therefore while booking a hotel, the distance factor plays an important role for us. Getting a hotel near to the airport can save us a lot of time which generally gets wasted in travelling from the hotel to the airport. Sometimes finding a hotel near the airport in a new country can be a tough task but you need not worry as hotel ‘Ciamberlani’ is there to help you out. So, are you looking for Tullamarine airport hotels? Then ‘Cilom’ airport lodge is one of the options you can go for. Let us now know about the benefits of the airport lodge.

Saving time:

There may be times when you need to catch a connecting flight because of not getting any direct flight to your destination and you don’t want to spend the time left between at the usual busy airports accompanied by the noisy crowd. Sometimes there can be 8,10, or even 12 hours between the flights. Choosing hotels in the mid-city might be a wrong decision, as travelling to and from will consume lots of your time, and then no time for the rest would be left. So the best option you should go with is booking a room in a hotel which is near to the airport so that you can avoid the long drive to the airport and also don’t miss the flight on time.

Save money:

Staying at the airport lodge not only saves your time but money also. As the airport lodges are nearest to the airport, the taxi rides would be comparatively less expensive. Thus staying at an airport lodge could be a complete win-win situation as it’s said ‘time is money’ and it provides you with both, time as well as money.


Sometimes you may have a flight at an odd hour and might not get a convenient public transport to reach the airport. You can avoid the inconvenience by staying at the airport lodge as most of the airport hotels provide you with a taxi ride on pre-booking at certainly odd hours. Also, when your flight arrives at some inconvenient hours and you don’t get any taxi rides at a reasonable price from the airport to the city, in this situation one thing that really might help you is the airport lodges. You can stay in an airport lodge for the night and then could leave in the morning. This is a way to save money as in the morning the option of public transport is also open.

Early morning departures:

If you have an early morning flight and don’t want to miss it by getting stuck in the traffic jams then staying at an airport lodge is the best thing you can do. It’s the best way to dodge the morning rush and reach the airport on time. By staying at the airport lodges, you also get some extra time for rest rather than waking up too early in the morning.