What is a Cleanroom, And Why Are They So Important In Manufacturing?


Those who work within the industrial and manufacturing industries are likely familiar with cleanrooms and what they do. For those who don’t a cleanroom is an industrial space, or room, with the ability to have the internal environment controlled so particularly that you can define the concentration of airborne particles inside. This is so no airborne particles can impact the industrial processes happening inside the room. In addition, other parameters such as temperature, humidity, and pressure can be controlled.In simple words, a cleanroom is a room used in the manufacturing process to ensure no contaminants are present.

The Use of Cleanrooms

The use of cleanrooms is not limited to one industry; the pharmaceutical, aerospace, medical, electronic, technology and many other industries depend on the use of cleanrooms.

For example, some processes used to create medical equipment need to be so particular, that it is important to be contaminant-free from the manufacturing to the distribution process.

Importance of Cleanroom in Manufacturing

Cleanrooms offer protection against air and dust particles, humidity and pressures that can contaminate the product or impact the quality of the product. However, this is not the only reason why cleanrooms are essential.Below are some of the significant reasons for the use of cleanroom in manufacturing:

Quality of Product

The environment that a product is manufactured in, can have a huge impact on the quality of the product, if the environment isn’t 100% right. A cleanroom, therefore, has a direct impact on the quality of the product being manufactured. It helps in delivering high quality outputs, by eliminating the chance of contamination or impacted quality. Having a cleanroom for manufacturing, can also help to produce consistently high-quality products, with almost zero variation.

Wastage Reduction

Waste management is very important throughout the manufacturing space. Having to discard a large batch of products, due to contamination or quality issues, can be extremely costly. This is especially important in the medical industry. A cleanroom decreases the chance of having to put a batch of outputs into waste.

Cost Reduction

Manufacturing isn’t a cheap industry, everything from the factories, to the equipment and the workforce is all expensive. It can become even more costly if the production process gets contaminated, and then you have to take the cost of throwing away all the wasted outputs. A cleanroom saves costs by reducing the chance that your outputs won’t be perfect for customers.


Cleanrooms are easy to assemble and install, unlike other pieces of traditional manufacturing equipment. They can be easily upgraded if needed with minimum downtime, and if the cleanroom needs some maintenance, the entire system does not get impacted due to minimal downtime.

Best Cleanrooms in Australia

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