What is White Labelling and When to Use it?

What is White Labelling and When to Use it?

Are you waiting for someone to take some weight off your shoulders? Someone to share the load with? Do you wish to take more done with less? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then I have the solution for you. And that is – White Labelling. Adding White Label solutions to your existing service offerings may just be the wisest decision you make for your business. White Labelling gives a company a competitive advantage, expands your portfolio of services, helps reach new clients as well as keep them happy without much monetary investment. But what exactly is white labelling?

What is White Labelling?

White Labelling refers to a business process where one company creates a product or service, which is then branded by another business to make the product or services to look like their own.

White label services are typically sold under a brand name developed by a third party. It is taking someone else’s services/products and rebranding or reselling the product or service under your name. It is especially helpful for small-scale businesses that are looking to cut additional expenses and get quality service at a low price.

White Label services help a company expand its portfolio and scale its business without any overhead costs.

Types of White Label Services

Some of the most widely used White Label services include-

  • Reputation Management-The act of the influencing and controlling or concealing of an individual’s or group’s reputation. The white-label software provider provides reputation management software.
  • Search Engine Optimization– Full Suite SEO | Local SEO | Google Analytics Configuration | Link Building | SEO Audits | Content Support
  • Pay per click management– Ad Management | Ad Remarketing | Native Advertising | Video Ad Management | PPC Audits
  • Web development– Front End| Back End| ECommerce | Landing Pages
  • Programmatic Advertising- Campaign Development | Google Analytics Integration | Custom Ad Targeting | Campaign Optimization & Remarketing | Revenue Management
  • Market Research
  • Sales Support
  • Email Marketing- HTML5 Email Template | Newsletters | Email Automation | Email Template Audit

How Does White Labelling Work?

The vendor company develops a fully tailored product/service for your business, as an example, a white-label marketing platform that effortlessly integrates with your brand. After that, you’ve got to “rebrand” the merchandise to match your corporate identity. With the assistance of White Label, you’ll add your company’s name, logo, icons, URLs, corporate emails, components of the text and a few elements of the web site to align them together with your brand comfortably. After full customisation, you’ll be able to turn your white label sales directly, on your own conditions.

To explain simply, here’s how white labelling works:

  1. Company A sells white-label services to Company B to resell.
  2. Company B then sells the services under its own brand to its clients.
  3. Company A’s team fulfils the services that the clients purchased from Company B.

A win-win situation for all parties involved.

Advantages of Using White Label Solutions

  1. It’s all under your brand’s control: White Labelling gives you the advantage to build on ready-made software, at the same time create a unique product of your own, aligned with your brand identity.
  2. It’s quick and easy to deploy, leaving you more time to focus on growing your business and core competencies.
  3. It’s cost and time-efficient
  4. It lets you do what you do best: Focus on your core competencies and white label the rest.
  5. Expand your brand offerings: White-labelling allows you to increase the scope of your current offerings, whether it is attracting new customers or retaining old ones.
  6. Scale your business – White labelling allows your business to be a full-service agency rather than a one-stock shop, by fulfilling your client’s every need.
  7. Enhance Company’s Brand Image- You can expand your brand, gain trust and build your reputation when you opt for white labelling.
  8. You get access to a dedicated team of knowledgeable and trained agents focused on your business
  9. Create a stable recurring income from current ongoing services
  10. Minimise cost, risk, staffing and infrastructure expense with white-label service
  11. Build a more robust and trusted client relationship thanks to white-label services.

Summing up

White labelling is considered to be the most significant way of outsourcing in today’s time. If done right, a White Label partnership can do wonders for all the parties involved. It gives a company a competitive advantage, expands its portfolio of services, helps reach new clients as well as keep them happy without much monetary investment.

With that said, choosing a White Label partner is a crucial step in your outsourcing journey, and it is by no means an easy decision to make. Evaluate all parameters carefully before deploying a white label marketing agency, who will help you redefine conversions and ROIs with their effective White Label Marketing Services.