Why Should I Not Incorporate a Company Myself?

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While government processes in Singapore are now much more manageable, the company registration board of Singapore (ACRA) still recommends entrepreneurs to avail incorporation services from professionals. This is to facilitate a smoother and more convenient incorporation experience for applicants. Moreover, entrepreneurs can save more time and effort handing the incorporation processing to experts.

This article presents an overview of Singapore’s incorporation process and why you should not incorporate a company yourself. We aim to provide a glimpse into how you will benefit from hiring an incorporation service provider.

Overview of the Incorporation Process and Its Challenges

There are three general steps to incorporating a company in Singapore. Firstly, the business owner will have to register your company name with ACRA. This is overall a quick process so long as you follow ACRA’s guidelines for a company name. Next, you will have to prepare the necessary details and documents about your company. The list of requirements is freely available online. Lastly, you have to process your incorporation with ACRA, at a fee.

These steps are, in general, very straightforward. However, setting up a business in specific industries may need additional approval and documents from appropriate regulatory agencies. More significantly, have another set of requirements to fulfil depending on the type of company they are setting up in Singapore. And if you want to avail of the many government grants for entrepreneurs in Singapore, you have to make sure that you comply with their corresponding guidelines.

These in-between necessities complicate the incorporation process. Not everyone has the time to deal with this weight in addition to the stress of running a business. This predicament is what drives many entrepreneurs to acquire incorporation services from experts who regularly handle these activities. It saves more time and energy, putting them instead to better use by planning and preparing startup operations.

Key Statutory Requirements

You have to remember these rules when applying your company name for approval. 

  • Supply at least 3 to 5 tentative names to your service provider
  • Pick a unique corporate name that gives a hint of the nature of your business
  • Avoid having a name that contains vulgar or obscene words
  • Your company name should not infringe copyrights and trademarks
  • Your name application can be referred to a higher authority. This process can extend your approval for up to 2 months.

Furthermore, in preparing your documents for incorporation, you have to note and draw up the following details.

  • Description of business activities
  • Registered company address
  • Particulars of shareholders, directors, company secretary
  • Foreign Individuals: a copy of passport & proof of residential address (overseas)
  • Foreign Companies: Memorandum & Articles of Associations, Certificate of Incorporation
  • Singapore Residents: A copy of their Singapore identity card
  • If you are applying on your own, you have to obtain a SingPass to avail of Singapore’s online government platforms.
  • Appoint company secretary before incorporating, or within six months from incorporation date. The secretary must be a natural person and a Singaporean resident.
  • The company must have at least one director who is a Singaporean resident.
  • Should have at least one (local or foreign), shareholder

Key Benefits of Engaging an Incorporation Service Provider

Now that we have a glimpse of the incorporation process and requirements, we can now clearly see why incorporation service from professionals is essential. Even with the straightforward steps, incorporating a company can be challenging and overwhelming, which is why incorporation services provide much-needed benefits.

An incorporation service provider’s strength and expertise will give you more insights and information on incorporating your particular business type. Every business varies in size, sector and needs, and so your incorporating agent will be able to guide you through addressing your concerns and questions.

Moreover, you also free up your time and get to spend it on more important business matters. When you hire an incorporation service provider, you only have to prepare the necessary documents and details, and they will be the one to process it for you. It relieves you of the effort and the stress of going to different offices to process your incorporation.

Furthermore, you can ensure that you process your business registration and incorporation with an incorporation service provider right the first time. It is nerve-wracking to risk your funds, time and effort in investing in a business. Not getting the procedures the first time can be disheartening and exhausting. With an incorporation service provider, you have the support of experts who can help you get things done right.

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