Why Synthetic Ice Rinks Are Better Than Ice

Why Synthetic Ice Rinks Are Better Than Ice

Synthetic ice is becoming all of the rage these days because of the current pandemic and all of the stay-at-home orders that are in place throughout the country. The great thing about having synthetic ice flooring installed is that it will allow you to turn just about anyplace into an ice skating rink. This means is that you can have an ice skating rink in the comfort of your own home. The back patio, or the garage, or maybe even a converted living room can become a high-quality ice skating rink where you can practice, and even play games. Synthetic ice definitely has some advantages over real ice, but is it better? Read on and decide for yourself.

Real Ice Melts

It is no secret that when you allow ice to become heated over 32 degrees Fahrenheit it becomes water again. This is no big deal if you live in an environment where it is always below freezing temperatures. However, if you live somewhere that the temp raises above 100 during the summer, the odds of your ice rink staying usable are nonexistent. In fact in order to keep water frozen when the ambient temperature outside is above 100 degrees Fahrenheit you need to use a whole lot of energy.

Synthetic Ice is Made for All Weather

Synthetic ice is made out of a durable and rugged plastic polymer that can endure high heat, UV rays, and cold temperatures. It also has the ability to last for decades even after constant rough use from ice skates. You can put it outside and it will withstand the rays from the sun during the hottest summer months while being able to last through the toughest of winters.

Real Ice Rinks Devour Energy

If you think it takes a lot of energy to keep a big house cooled with an air conditioner during the summer months, imagine having to keep an entire building cooled to under freezing temperatures while it is baking hot outside. The energy that it takes for an air cooler to freeze an entire room is enough to cool several homes. The exhaust that emits from the cooling systems alone is enough to cause an alarming amount of pollution. If you were to cool one thousand ice rinks at one time all day during the hot summer months you would be using enough energy to run several houses for a whole year.

Synthetic Ice is More Efficient

In all honesty, when it comes to manufacturing synthetic ice it is not exactly a “green” practice. However, once the ice panels are made they turn into an ice skating rink that takes absolutely no power to run and keep maintained. It takes less energy to manufacture synthetic ice than it does to run a real ice rink and keep it frozen.


In the end, if it is cold outside and it stays below freezing a real ice rink is ideal. Real ice has a natural lubricant, water, that allows for the skaters to glide across and move as smoothly as a bird through the air. However, when it comes to being able to withstand all sorts of weather and abuse synthetic ice is very much the best choice to make when it comes to ice skating rinks. The reason why synthetic ice rinks are better than natural ice rinks is that all in all synthetic ice rinks are less costly and cause less damage to the environment.

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