Worldwide Employment Background Checks


In the not-so-distant past, international background checks were strictly used by international organization with offices and staff located around the world. Today, however, even companies operating strictly on US soil that wish to protect themselves with safe hiring practices find themselves needing an international component in their pre-employment background screenings. Immigration, travel, and generally increased global mobility mean that any US company at any time could find themselves interviewing talented individuals that have lived, worked, or learned in different areas of the world.

Thankfully, there’s no need to trade safety for diverse talent; you can have both when you partner with a background screener that has a wide global reach. Look for the following qualities when choosing a company that performs worldwide employment background checks:

A Hub/Spoke Approach

Applying US requirements and processes to outside regions doesn’t work; culture, laws, and even language are so different that this tactic leads to frustration, miscommunication, and resentment. But a screening model that pushes everything out to individual geographic regions doesn’t work either. Yes, each region is able to define their own process based on local norms, but this also leads to inconsistencies in services and policies that are difficult to manage.

A far better strategy is a hub/spoke approach that places critical requirements and standards at the center of the organization that are supported and applied consistently across the many different spokes, or regions. This type of model gives clients the best of both worlds: accurate, timely results from around the globe with a single interface that’s consistent and easy to understand.

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A Seamless, Intuitive Platform

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An easy-to-use platform is directly related to the hub/spoke approach already mentioned. The platform is the hub, the center of everything. It’s the framework around which everything else is built. A solid platform has the following:

  • Global objectives that align with a consistent set of corporate values
  • Common terminology, regardless of the region the information originated in
  • Uniform candidate and client experience anywhere in the world
  • Flexibility across regions. This might be flexibility with anything, including language, candidate questions, or compliance and privacy concerns.

Boots on the Ground

Effective, reliable international screenings require boots on the ground around the world. The spokes need to have physical reach into respective regions. Local, in-country agents have essential knowledge and experience with the culture, language, and laws. Successfully supporting worldwide background screening requires this type of direct regional expertise.

Don’t Skip the Screening

While you might be inclined to forego background checks for candidates who have lived or worked internationally, think again. Instead, safeguard your business with reliable global background checks from a professional screener with international expertise.