Brooklyn Probate Lawyers: Everything You Need To Know

Brooklyn Probate Lawyers: Everything You Need To Know

Whenever someone passes away, they never leave their affairs in order. Their will could be in question. It’s possible that a will doesn’t exist at all. The probate and estate administration process can be complicated in New York when you have a lot of assets. We have decades of experience in estate planning and estate administration. Our probate and estate administration attorneys protect your inheritance and honor your loved ones’ wishes.

In Which Cases Does A Will Require Probate?

Any assets titled only in your loved one’s name, regardless of who their beneficiaries are or their wishes in a will, will have to go through probate. The petitioner, usually the executor of the will, must prove the validity of a will by submitting witness affidavits and notifying the heirs that the will is being probated. This process could prove difficult and lengthy for prosecutors without legal experience. The following tasks can be handled by us by executors and heirs:

  • Putting the will into action
  • An heir is notified when a deceased person dies
  • The process of collecting assets after a will has been probated
  • Preparation of the decedent’s income tax returns is required
  • Paying creditor claims with the help of a third party
  • Provides estate tax preparation services to clients
  • Courts have received both formal and informal copies of the will
  • The assets of the estate are distributed

Leaving a will for a family member is a challenging process, but we are here to help you through it. When a loved one dies, grief and loss follow inevitably. Providing assistance to heirs allows them to concentrate on other important matters, allowing us to help. You can have us assist you whether you are the executor of a will or if you expect to inherit from someone dear to you. In Staten Island, Staten Island, Manhattan, and Long Island, we represent executors, administrators, heirs, and beneficiaries.

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What Happens To A Deceased Person’s Estate In The Absence Of A Will?

Consequently, when there is a substantial amount of wealth in an estate without a will, Brooklyn Probate Attorney ought to handle it. Because no will will be created in New York, the property will be distributed according to state law. Some family members might not have a chance to initiate a hearing before the state seizes their assets. We represent both direct beneficiaries and those who have to prove kinship to inherit at Cohen & Cohen Estate Administration.

Whenever a deceased relative and others who are closer than their first cousins do not leave a will, a kinship hearing must be conducted to prove their claim. In the long process, it is not necessary to attend multiple hearings if you have an attorney on your side. We know how to handle kinship hearings, so our legal team will handle your case efficiently.

Every Decision We Make Is Based On The Needs Of Our Clients

When our clients are grieving the loss of a loved one, it is especially traumatizing to fight for the assets and properties that their loved ones left them. No matter if you need us to probate your will or if it’s uncontested, we will listen to you so our attorney can better understand your wishes. We have attorneys for every kind of legal problem people face. We act as executors and administrators for beneficiaries throughout New York City and Long Island.