Royal Holiday Vacation Creates Memorable Romantic Getaways

Royal Holiday Vacation Creates Memorable Romantic Getaways

Are you planning the perfect romantic getaway? Most couples haven’t had the chance to go somewhere far in the last few years. Now that things are settling down, people can’t wait to explore the world again. However, they aren’t quite sure where to take their partner.

Many are looking for a destination with natural beauty and exciting activities. They want to stay away from the big crowds and the loud noises. If you are having a hard time finding the right place, this article will help. Below are popular destinations offered by Royal Holiday Vacation and others that tick all the boxes:

Los Cabos

Mexico offers plenty of idyllic spots for couples, and Los Cabos certainly belongs at the top of the list. Los Cabos can be found at the southern end of the Baja California Peninsula, where its breathtaking landscapes have the vast Pacific Ocean in the background.

Picture you and your partner on a yacht hopping from one island to another. Take long strolls on the beach hand-in-hand, looking at the sunset and talking about your future plans. Go on dinners by the beach to feast on fresh seafood while listening to the sound of the waves. It could be the most relaxing trip you’ll ever take.

Royal Holiday Vacation is there to help make your vacation even a dream vacation. Sharing the experience with your partner makes everything better. Don’t forget to go to La Playa de Los Enamorados or Lovers Beach and find out how it got the name.

Visit other interesting spots in the area, such as Todos Santos, Cabo Pulmo, El Chileno Beach, Espiritu Santo, and many more. At the end of the day, retire to the Park Royal Homestay in Los Cabos to have a restful sleep. You can expect impeccable service and a full range of amenities for a comfortable stay. Indeed, that’s why people keep coming back to this place every year.


If you’re searching for a romantic island, set your sights on Cozumel. It is just across the popular beach, Playa del Carmen, near tourist traps such as Cancun and Tulum. The whole region attracts many visitors with so much to offer, from ancient ruins to natural wonders to stunning beaches.

However, it can get pretty crowded along the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. People who prefer peace and quiet prefer to hop on a boat and stay in Cozumel. There are several hotels to choose from, including Royal Holiday Vacation’s highly-rated Grand Park Royal Cozumel.

You can walk around it and discover hidden spots. You can ride a bike or go on horseback while exploring every corner of the place. You can go scuba diving and snorkeling to see the diverse marine life of the Caribbean Sea. Dolphins and other sea creatures are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Couples who extend their stay will never run out of things to do. A couple can always take day trips to the mainland and spend their nights on the island. Tulum is famous for its ruins, while Cancun has big parties on the beach. This vacation offers a wide range of experiences that are sure to be memorable.

Puerto Vallarta

Couples that want a balance of culture and nature will feel right at home in Puerto Vallarta. This port city is located along the Pacific Coast of the state of Jalisco. Its tropical weather makes it a great escape when the temperature plunges in the US and the rest of the northern hemisphere.

The beaches are pretty stunning, but that’s not all that you can find here. Puerto Vallarta has a colorful history and rich culture. These are evident in the architecture of the buildings, the presence of various cultural centers, and other places of interest.

Visitors can experience everything from dynamic nightlife to challenging outdoor activities. It is even possible to rent a private yacht and sail along the coast. Couples can go whale-watching and scuba diving or drop by the beautiful Marietas Islands, a UNESCO biosphere reserve with abundant wildlife and pristine beaches.

Couples can also picnic on the beach before heading back to their hotel. In this case, that could be the Gran Park Royal Puerto Vallarta. The staff will make sure that it feels like a real home away from home.

Staying Safe During Your Dream Vacation

The pandemic has put everyone on high alert about their health and safety. Couples planning a romantic getaway may be adventurous enough to travel far, but they are still careful about their movements. The tourism industry understands the concerns. They have done everything to assure travelers that they can have worry-free trips.

For example, Royal Holiday Vacation Club has raised its standards for hygiene and cleanliness at its hotels and resorts. They have also partnered with other companies and organizations to improve health protocols and protect their guests.

Those staying in Royal Holiday Vacation establishments can expect strict adherence to CDC guidelines on social distancing, hygiene, cleaning, and so on. They also follow local rules on vaccination and testing.

Whether traveling with a partner or with the whole family, guests can feel confident about their health with all of the protocols in place. They can focus on having a good time knowing that Royal Holiday Vacation has taken care of everything. Without any worries, they can check in at any of these great destinations and enjoy them to the fullest.