Important Considerations When Renovating Your Office or Warehouse Restroom

Important Considerations When Renovating Your Office or Warehouse Restroom

When business renovations take place, much planning goes into realigning office space or making racking and shelving in a warehouse more easily assessable to boost efficiency. While all of this is having time, effort, and money put into it, there are other vital areas of the business that often get overlooked or treated as an afterthought.

Unfortunately, these tend to be the areas that provide rest and comfort for employees and include the company canteen or breakroom, but most importantly, the restrooms. Paying attention to this area, particularly during a renovation, will show that you take your employees seriously and that their welfare is being considered.

#1 Plan Carefully

Unless you plan on extending your company restroom, one of the top things you need to consider is how to use your current space. Of course, if you have both male and female employees, then the design of the restrooms will be very different. For this reason, you need to think especially carefully so that you are not left with a situation where the women are not left queuing out of the door for a limited number of facilities.

#2 Think About Everybody Who Will Be Using The Restroom

Also, when planning, you need to take into account everyone who is likely to use the restroom, even just as a visitor to your business. So, you need to ensure that the proper signage is in place so it can be found easily and that any changes you wish to make will fit in with all state codes and wider legislation like the American Disabilities Act.

#3 Find The Right Stalls

All of your restrooms will require stalls, so you need to find a quality product that will give you value for money. They should also provide longevity so that you don’t have to replace them within just a few years. It is better to source your bathroom stalls from a supplier who can provide what you are looking for down to the color, material they are made of, and level of finish. Ideally, they would come as a kit so that they could be easily installed by whoever is doing the restroom renovation for you.

#4 Put A Maintenance Schedule In Place

Once you have a restroom to be proud of, the final step is to make sure it stays that way. You need to ensure that the space is inspected regularly so that any faults can be spotted quickly and rectified. This may involve putting together a checklist to be carried out along with the regular safety checks that would have to take place in any office or warehouse. This can also be monitored by the janitorial service you employ to clean the restrooms several times daily.

Final Thoughts

You might think that you take the welfare of your staff seriously, but you can prove it by investing in areas that they use every day, like the staff restroom. This will involve planning, but a key element will be the stalls you use, so you will need to choose carefully to ensure you are giving them the best product possible at the best price for you.