How to Advertise Your Small Business on Instagram

How to Advertise Your Small Business on Instagram

Running your own business can be an amazing experience. Getting to be your own boss comes with all sorts of perks, from setting your own hours to charting your own path forward. It’s why so many small business owners find themselves satisfied at work.

However, that doesn’t mean that making a small business into a successful enterprise is easy. There are a number of challenges, small business advertising prime among them.

Today, getting the word out about your business on sites like Instagram can make a world of difference. Need to learn how to advertise your business on this kind of social media website? Read on.

Learn What Your Audience Likes

If you crafted a business plan in the lead up to launching your business, then you should have a solid idea of who your target audience is. That includes the relative age, background, and demographic of your ideal customer.

In order to connect with them properly via social media marketing, you’ll need to take some time to research what kind of marketing is actually going to speak to them.

Where do they spend their time on the internet, and on Instagram specifically? What type of content do they seem to respond best to – videos, images, interactive prompts, or something else?

What kind of hashtags and interests do they seem to cluster around?

The more you can understand what your target audience likes, the more you can craft content that fits these needs and captures the attention of this group.

Craft Professional Content

If you’re running an Instagram account for your small business, it’s important that you put your best foot forward. Even the average user of Instagram keeps a well-curated profile, and you’ll need to put forward a professional face if you want to be taken seriously by this website’s userbase.

That could be challenging if you aren’t a natural Instagram user, though there are a few options.

One is to get in the habit of practicing. Before going live on your actual small business account, consider a burner account you can use to get used to all the features and posting. There is a lot of customization power on this platform, and you can develop your own style of sharing before going live to everyone.

Check out this Instagram post template you can use if you’re uncertain of how to get started.

As you continue to post, you’ll want to keep an eye out on which type of content people seem to be responding to the most. Engineer your posting to what is working and you can continue to get the word out to more and more of your target audience.

Small Business Advertising Tips

If you’re looking for a few small business advertising tips, look no further than the information above. All of this can be essential information when it comes to getting word about your business out on websites like Instagram.

Need more advice on how to promote your business? Keep scrolling our blog for more.