LED smart strip light – what is it?

LED strip lights must be connected to the Smart LED controller. It can then be controlled by a smartphone app and voice-controlled by Alexa, Google Home, and other voice assistants. It does not matter where you are as long as there is a network where you can control your smart LED strip lights, change the color, turn on/off, timer switch, brightness adjustment, etc.

Bluetooth LED light strips for room to allow the room or car to continually change colors to match your mood. With the smartphone app, you can also control the strip lights remotely and customize your lighting scheme. Wi-Fi LED strip lights and smartphones are a whole new experience. Unlike ordinary LED strip lights, which are able to change light colors remotely, WI-FI intelligent lighting is smarter and more interesting. Using a versatile design and crazy imagination, you can change the color of the space you live in every day or any object you wish to change the color of.

Wi-Fi light strips are designed to be more flexible and reliable than ordinary LED strips. Once you install them, you will see how thoughtful the design is. Integrated plugs reduce the length of exposed wires, and multiple strips can be connected directly together to form a continuous light source.

What are the Advantages of Wi-Fi LED Strips?

In comparison to regular LED light bars, smart LED tape light bars offer greater convenience. A timer can be set to turn the lights on or off automatically so you won’t have to worry about forgetting to turn them off when you leave the house or returning to complete darkness. To make it look as if someone is in your home, turn on the Wi-Fi wireless LED Strip lights remotely from your phone to make it appear as if someone is there. The smart home can also be controlled by voice.

1. Automated Control of LED Strip Lights

The Best LED Strip Light of 2022

The main feature of the Smart Wi-Fi Stirp lights is scene control; you can control multiple lighting circuits simultaneously in the same room, and adjust brightness for each circuit individually as well as a lighting environment called a scene. By using a timer, you can predefine different scenes, fade in and fade out times when switching scenes, so that the light softly changes.

2 Beautifying the Environment

Scene changes can be used to increase the artistic effect of a space, to produce a sense of hierarchy, to create a comfortable environment that is conducive to people’s physical and mental health, and to improve work efficiency.

Extend the Lifespan of Wi-Fi Strip Lights

Overvoltage use and cold shock are the main factors reducing the lifespan of Smart strip lights. During the cold state of LED strip lights, the instantaneous connection will produce 5-10 times the inrush current, damaging the LED strip lights. Dimming control using a Smart LED Controller can avoid the cold state effect on LED strip lights, thereby extending the life of the LED strip lights. The Smart LED Controller can extend the life of the strip lights by 2-4 times, reducing the workload of replacing the strip lights.