Role of Protein in CBD Cookies

Role of Protein in CBD Cookies

We have all heard about CBDs. It is something we use or have tried at least once in our life. We all know the benefits of CBD. From treating pain, stress, health, or maybe for energy. Whatever the reason, thousands of people are using it for different purposes.

But let us not go into too deep about the benefits of CBDs today because it is a pretty long list and will need an article of its own. From gummies to candies, cookies, it is in every product imaginable. But there is a new CBD edible available in the market that is getting a lot of attention from CBD lovers; it is CBD Protein Cookies. CBD protein cookies have the best of both worlds-CBD as well as protein.

Who doesn’t love cookies? And here we are talking about CBD Protein Cookies. The best combination any CBD lover could have asked for;  it has the benefits of CBD, protein, and the taste of cookies. And today, we will talk about the role of protein in CBD protein cookies. We all know proteins are vital for our health. But what are they, and what is their role in CBD protein cookies?

What are Proteins?

Proteins are large molecules made of thousands of amino acids in a chain form. They work inside cells and are responsible for the functioning and regulation of different body organs. There are about 20 different types of amino acids that form protein.

There are three types of amino acids called Essential amino acids, non-essential amino acids, and Conditional amino acids.


Essential amino acids are crucial as our body cannot produce them, and we have to get them from different food sources. There are nine essential amino acids. These are Lysine, Valine, Leucine, Threonine, Isoleucine, methionine, Phenylalanine, Histidine, and Tryptophan.

Non-essential amino acids – we do not need to consume them as our body can make them with the help of essential amino acids.

Conditional amino acids are non-essential as well, and we only need them in certain conditions like stress or illness.

Let us See the Role of Protein in CBD Cookies.

1. Heart Health  

We all know how important protein is for building muscles but do you know that it is also vital for your brain and heart?

Plant-based protein is considered essential for heart health. The fatty acids present in protein help maintain good cardiovascular health. According to studies, eating plant-based protein like beans, nuts, and low-fat dairy helps prevent heart disease by balancing blood pressure and cholesterol, thus helping to maintain a healthy weight. CBD has also shown positive effects on cardiovascular health by protecting it from the damage of diabetes. That means double heart benefits from one single source!

2. Energy 

Protein is not the primary source of energy. The priority of protein is to keep the body strong, amongst other things. Fat and carbohydrates are the other two macronutrients that provide energy. But protein energy is a savior in situations like inadequate calorie intake, fasting, and exhaustive exercise. Protein saves energy for different situations, whereas CBD provides us with instant energy.

3. Keeps you Full

Protein is good for managing weight as it makes us feel fuller. Hypothalamus is a hormone in our brain that regulates our weight. It helps our brain in determining when and how much to eat. Protein intake reduces ghrelin, a hunger hormone, and makes us feel full. According to this study, protein generally increases satiety to a greater extent than carbohydrate or fat and may facilitate a reduction in energy consumption.

As we know, CBD cookies and CBD Gummies can make some of us feel hungry, which is not a good thing for people who do not want to gain weight. These cookies can balance the effects out.

4. Increases Metabolism

The process of digesting and metabolizing is called the Thermic effect of food (TEF). When digesting and metabolizing protein, the body burns about 20-30% of the calories consumed, which is high if we compare it with the thermic effects of fats and carbs. It also helps us in cutting calories.

According to studies, a high intake of protein can automatically reduce the calorie intake of a person, which may contribute to weight loss. Protein intake also reduces the harmful fat which can build up around organs and is responsible for the disease.

5. Speedy Recovery 

Protein in CBD cookies helps promote growth, repair damaged cells, and other metabolic activities. Protein also helps repair muscle damage after workouts by providing our body with the necessary raw material. Around 40 grams of protein is enough to maximize muscle growth.

We already know CBD benefits us with muscle soreness, pain, and inflammation. With the combined advantages of these two, your workout routine can be a blast.

6. Memory and Mental Agility

Protein is a brain-boosting food. It is essential for getting nutrients to the brain cells, which helps maintain a healthy brain regulation. Protein has the amino acids which make neurotransmitters. These chemical messengers transmit messages either to a cell, neuron, or glands. If we do not have enough protein in our body, our body will not make neurotransmitters, leading to memory loss and other brain functioning problems. With CBDs, you are getting alert, better-focused plus, the protein present in cookies will give you sharp memory and healthy brain function.

7. Boosts Immune System

It is vital to have a solid immune system because it helps our body fight outside invaders like viruses, bacteria, and other toxins. Protein plays a huge role in building and boosting the immune system. Our body uses amino acids found in protein to make up our immune system. Our immune system depends on protein for proper functioning. Immunity is not something we can strengthen in a day; it is a process. It depends on our diet, lifestyle and habits.


If you are bored with your CBD gummies or vape, switch things up a little and give these cookies a try. They are yummy and are also good for your health. If you want to make healthy habits a part of your lifestyle, start with CBD protein cookies.