The Best Free Online Coding Classes

The Best Free Online Coding Classes

Currently there is a great demand for computer programmers. Taking free online coding classes could really help you become a great coder. One does not even need a traditional computer science degree to learn the trade. Below we have listed some of the best online free coding classes.


Coursera is backed by Stanford University and is a free online course platform. They offer certificate programs that are paid for better mastery of a subject. They focus on specialization to build skills in the chosen subject. Courses have start and ending dates and one might wait for one to become available. Most are studies at one’s own pace, keep an eye out for their coding courses. SkillUp free courses from Simplilearn


Codeacademy consists of a series of interactive online courses. They aim to teach beginners the basics of coding and programming. This is a great course that has step-by-step instructions and really supports students throughout the course. This is a very basic course and in depth learning should not be expected, these courses will teach beginners how to code, however it will not teach them how to think like a computer programmer. Further courses are recommended as newbies don’t know how to apply the knowledge learned from this course.


edX is another non-profit education organisation. The courses given are totally free.their coding courses are divided into advanced, intermediate and introductory level which is great for students on different levels. They also offer certificate programs which is best for more in depth training.

Free Code Camp or The Odin Projects

These courses come highly recommended if one wants to become a proficient web developer. It does not matter if it is for front or backend programming. There are two very good courses, both for free, that beginners can take. What’s great is students move at their own pace and it is quite comprehensive. It will help someone that knows nothing about coding become a proficient coder. One would have to invest quite a few months to understand all the basics and concepts covered in this course.

Khan Academy

This is truly one of the internet’s greatest hidden treasures. Khan academy is a non-profit education platform and has been giving some of the best free education courses over the past ten years. Currently students can only learn javascript projects, cryptography and basic algorithms at the moment, however their coding and programming classes are catching up quickly and soon we will be seeing more advanced coding courses.

MIT OpenCourseWare

This is a great course and students can get this course for free and work through it at their own pace.  Their programming courses are great and introductory courses are split into good concepts about coding. The teachers or lecturers have experience in the field and their reputation is outstanding.


PUTuts is a great, free online educational site that offers video courses for learning the programming is a great source for newbies, however the library has not been updated since 2013. One will only learn the language of programming and not much else, could be a great idea to go through one of these courses first before starting the beginners courses.


Udacity focuses strictly on topics related to programming. Their courses are designed to get students job-ready as quickly as possible. This is a great platform if you are serious about a career in coding and programming.


Udemy is a great educational marketplace. Anyone who creates video content and courses can post their work on Udemy. The great thing is one can really learn a lot from people who are self taught, or have loads of experience without a formal education or qualification. The bad part is one also gets a lot of courses that are not good.programming courses on Udemy range across all kinds of topics and concepts. There are many free coding courses as well as a lot of sales on Udemy. Make sure to do some research before just jumping into any course.


Youtube also has some great free online video coding courses. There are also very bad courses and good research needs to be done before deciding on the regith course. This is a great site to learn how to code if the right course is chosen.