How To Cope Up With Your Day To Day Hectic Work Schedule?


Our buy schedule sometimes makes it very difficult to take utmost care of our health. This eventually can lead to various health problems, overweight issues and more. If you are someone who is super busy and hardly gets time to take care of yourself, then here we are discussing some of the best ways that can help you stay fit and healthy even with a hectic work schedule.

Keep yourself hydrated

You must drink more and more water (at least 3 to 4 litres of water) everyday. This will not only help to keep your body hydrated, but will also help to cleanse your body from within. If you do not like to sip plain water, then you can always try sipping fresh fruit juice, detox drinks made at home, butter milk or coconut water.

Try healthy drinks or supplements

Instead of sipping 7 or 8 cups of sugar loaded tea/coffee or any other aerated drinks, why not opt for some healthy and natural products? You can switch to green coffee beans, green tea, herbal tea, etc. There are a lot of energy drinks available in the market that are made from essential nutrients to give your body the extra boost of energy. These products can also help in weight management in a healthy manner.

Burn more calories

Being too busy makes you less active and taking out time for a gym session is really difficult and we completely agree with that. However, you can make little changes in your daily lifestyle to keep yourself active. Well! Take up those long stairs in your office, instead of opting for lifts. After your lunch is over you can take a walk in the green compounds of your office premises. While you are at home and speaking with a friend on your mobile phone try to walk and talk. Switch on your favourite music and try to dance with the rhythm. Once in a week (atleast) try to go cycling, swimming or whatever you like that can help you burn some calories. You can try chair yoga while working on your laptop. These all are super effective ways of weight and health management.

Say no to high calorie foods

Most of us who do desk jobs, usually end up munching on high calorie food items like fried chips, pizzas, etc. Since, our job involves more sitting and less moving (burning calories) we should avoid these types of foods to lessen the risks associated with heart, weight and even indigestion. You can try to snack on healthy options like baked ragi chips, protein bars, etc. These types of foods are filled with nutrients that can help your body get all the essential micro and macro nutrients to stay healthy.

Stay away from stress

We can understand your job schedule and the stress that comes with it. However, we would advise you to keep away those stresses to avoid unwanted circumstances (diseases) in life. Well! The best way to do so is doing meditation regularly in the morning and spending some quality time with your friends and family. You can try ashwagandha supplements, which are too good for relieving stress and proving proper sleep.

Try to make a few simple changes to your daily hectic lifestyle and be sure to witness a huge difference in your health and body. Stay happy and fit always!