ITIL 4 Certification – Must Do Service Management Training

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Information Technology dominates the lives of people in the 21st century. Nowadays, we find it challenging to lead a life free of technology. Information technology, commonly known as IT, has also taken over the jobs. In this context, we may share an observation.

The management of several organizations often uses the term “Service Management.” Service management is a customer-centric approach while delivering information technology. It focuses on customer relationships.

Service management becomes essential because it adds value to customers while focusing on information technology. It ensures that technology doesn’t override the humane touch that humans need.

Role of ITIL in Service Management-

ITIL stands for IT Infrastructure Library. What is ITIL? The ITIL framework has gone through several revisions as Information Technology has advanced.

Now, in the 21st century, ITIL is an essential part of service management. AXELOS uses ITIL as a registered trademark. Since ITIL is an indispensable part of service management, many professionals opt for an ITIL certification.

The ITIL courses provide in-depth knowledge and make the professionals stand out in the crowd. ITIL 4 is the latest release from ITIL. It was the first crucial update to the ITIL framework since 2007. ITIL 4 was designed to keep up with the latest trends in software development.

Components OF ITIL 4-

ITIL 4 has two key components. They are as follows-

  • Service Value Systems
  • Four Dimensions Model

Service Value System-The service Value System is also known as SVS. The process which allows all the activities and components of an organization to work in sync to facilitate value creation is known as the service value system. The elements of ITIL 4 SVS are as follows-

  • Service Value Chain
  • Practices
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Guiding Principles

ITIL Framework-

The ITIL framework consists of best practices that may be followed to provide IT service management. This framework gives importance to improving customer satisfaction.

For example, ITIL V3 follows five service life cycle stages while organizing ITIL processes. They are as follows-

  • Service Operation
  • Service Design
  • Service Transition
  • Service Strategy
  • Continuous Service Improvement

Relevance Of ITIL 4

ITIL V3 was the third version of the ITIL best practices framework. Later, ITIL V3 had been updated to ITIL V4. Nowadays, ITIL 4 certification course is relevant across different sectors. All the sectors provide some service to the customers. So, they need to manage how to provide the service.

The relevance of ITIL 4 can be summed up as follows-

  • More strategic alignment between operations and IT departments of the business
  • Flexible service delivery practices to support smooth digital transformation
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Better management of business risk
  • Better management of service disruption or failure
  • Smoother integration between evolving software delivery practices and enterprise customer support network
  • Better utilization of resources. It leads to reduced expenditure.

Benefits Of ITIL 4

Several organizations have benefitted from ITIL 4.  That is why the organizations choose professionals who are qualified in ITIL 4.  A few benefits of ITIL 4 are as follows-

  1. Higher Revenue-

 A significant number of businesses in the 21st century are technology-driven. So, the effective and efficient management of IT services impacts directly on the revenue of the organizations.

Companies like Apple and Facebook have risen to great heights because they could adapt and adjust to the changes introduced by technological advancements. The moment an organization introduces changes brought about by ITIL 4, it can deliver premium services to the clients and stakeholders. The revenue of an organization that implements ITIL 4 increases because it offers more value.

  1. More Effective Communication-

The organization that implements ITIL 4 simplifies communication among the employees. Effective communication is the key to the success of any organization. The ITIL 4 4 methodology is flexible to change. It also makes adaptation to certain complexities easier.

As a result, ITIL 4 makes it easier for employees across departments to work more comfortably. Successful organizations have departments that communicate seamlessly with one another. Such seamless communication is easier because of ITIL 4.

  1. A Greater Competitive Edge-

Most organizations, appoint ITIL 4

  • Certified employees because they are responsible for success.
  • Every organization wants to be recognized as the leaders of the industry.
  • Organizations that employ ITIL 4 certified people have a more significant competitive edge.
  • ITIL 4 trained employees help the organizations survive the toughest of times.

Four P’S Of ITIL 4 In-Service Management-

Most product managers are familiar with the four P’s of ITIL 4. They are as follows-

  • People
  • Product
  • Partners
  • Process

People- ITIL 4 ensures whether the employees have received training in their new responsibilities. It also oversees that all the employees have accepted the cultural shift.

In the IT sector, people perform all the processes associated with ITIL service management. ITIL certified people can identify all the skill gaps that need training.

ITIL 4 certified people help to draft a long-term training plan to improve the performance of the staff. The staff needs to be trained and upskilled about all the new policies—people who are trained in ITIL 4 plan the training in the best possible way.

Product- The IT service staff uses specific tools for implementing the ITIL processes. These tools are known as products. ITIL trained employees can figure out whether the process needs technology to support it and the selected technology meets the organization’s current requirements.

They can also integrate with the existing technology and other product-related tools. The product may help us draft a tool for asset management and scanning.

Partners- All the organizations in the IT sector need partners that make the service works. A service that needs 24*7 support should never collaborate with partners that provide 12*4 support.

The partners ask the organization to check the different external service providers. This checking is essential to confirm that the requirements are supported and communicated. The partners may be responsible for changing the existing service agreements. However, ITIL 4 rightly points out that the partners ensure proper service management.

Process-  The process needs to be designed, mapped, and communicated to the employees. ITIL 4 is process-centric. The process manager needs to be chosen by stakeholders.

So, the ITIL-certified employees check the ability of the organization to implement the processes. They ensure that the different approach and their accountability are well-documented.

Conclusion– Many institutions organize classes for ITIL 4. During such courses, trainers try their best to clear the concept of ITIL 4. The idea of ITIL has evolved so that it can adapt to modern technological evolution.

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