What Are The Best Sales Jobs In The US Now

What Are The Best Sales Jobs In The US Now

So, what are the best sales jobs in the US now? To know the answer to that question, you might want to read on. In this article, we will discuss the following sales jobs that you can apply for. And after reading this article, you’ll know the type of sales roles that can make you earn good money in the United States today.

Things To Consider In A Sales Position

Before we go over the best sales jobs in the country now, you have to know the things to look for in a sales position first. So consider the following points:

Industry Of The Sales Role And Career Path – Sales roles are virtually found in different industries from medical to technological, even stock investments. And the industry you’ll be working in will define the responsibilities you have to undertake in your sales career and vice versa. So make sure your desired role will be compatible with your goals and personal preferences.

Mode Of Compensation – The compensation can range from full commission-based to no commission but with monthly salary. So if you try to weigh them both, the former can be extremely profitable but the latter can provide a more secure way of earning.

Long-Term Outlook – Before you commit to a sales career path, make sure this role or designation will still be relevant in the next 10 years.

Personality – Pick a sales job that best fits your personality. For example, if you a sociable person then you should be in a job that allows you to have more interaction with clients.

You can also ask the help of sales recruiters so you’ll be able to pick the sales role that suits your personality.

Some Of The Best Sales Job In The US To Consider

Account Executive

Roles: Giving presentations, running demos, creating personalized value propositions, identifying and addressing possible buying obstacles, getting the customer to commit to purchasing, and negotiating terms.

Why it’s considered as one of the best:

  • Average on-target earnings (OTE) is $118,000/year
  • You can get promoted after 6 to 18 months
  • Job level of this role is managerial.

Sales Engineer (Systems Engineer or Pre-Sales Support)

Roles: Determine the technical needs of clients, answer product-related questions, conduct presentations, communicate with individuals or organizations who need your product, and craft technical components of contracts and proposals.

Why it’s considered as one of the Best:

  • The role is highly demanded because of the unique combination of skills.
  • Median pay is quite high ($97,650)
  • You’ll be assigned to deals or joint quota with another sales rep.

Director Of Sales

Roles: Determine sales objectives, develop and forecast sales quotas, maintaining sales volume, being involved in the hiring process.

Why it’s considered as one of the Best:

  • Executive role, reporting only to the vice-president of sales
  • Average base pay of $109,477/year
  • You’ll be able to receive a bonus if your company meets (or exceeds) sales goals.

Chief Sales Officer

Roles: Oversee sales strategies to be executed by the sales team and must possess top-tiered sales expertise.

Why it’s considered as one of the Best:

  • A rare and competitive executive role reports only to the CEO of the company.
  • Average base pay of $129,839/year
  • A sale role that lets you work under large enterprise companies.

And there you have it, the best sales jobs in the United States now. If you’re looking for a sales job in Chicago, you can visit this link to apply today.