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Working from home (WFH) makes you feel thrilled. But working from home depression might occur due to not having anyone around from your office. Social media platforms used for meetings do not give the same excitement when having coffee breaks with your support groups.

Even in the best of times, working remotely is becoming more normal. According to  US census data conducted by Global Workplace Analytics, more than 3% of the US labor works from home at least half of the time. A total of 5 million people manage to avoid traveling regularly.

Sadly, as a remote worker, the feeling of isolation and loneliness often occurs. Although having a home office can be helpful, it still has problems that affect your mental health like anxiety and stress.

If you are worried about working-from-home melancholy, don’t ever be. An Bui Digital Marketing have the best tips to fight against WFH blues.

Does working from home affect your mental health?

It’s understandable if you’re starting to get bored and you feel unproductive. Working from home will never give the same feeling when you are in your respective working environments. Having an interaction with your workmates is not present when you’re working from home which would feel lonely.

Parcel deliveries, pets running around, your partner or family members asking you questions like where are the car keys or is their food prepared for them are just a few of the many distractions that may occur when working from home.

According to research, being alone has a negative influence that can lead to mental illness. It has the potential to affect sleep quality, concentration, and, certainly, your health and well-being.

Is it a case of the WFH blues or a heavy depression?

Anxiety and depression do not only come when you are alone. Depression comes in different forms too. There’s no such requirement when you are depressed and anxious. Despite these experiences, you should never think twice about reaching out to your support groups like your family or friends.

Other lifestyle factors also play a role in WFH depression. You may begin to feel tired and depressed if you stop exercising or fail to eat healthy food.

Living Your Best WFH Life

Many ways exist if you want to have fun while working from home. Here are some ways to carve out time:

A home “office” space must be made

If there’s something that sounds very tempting, that would be working from bed at a particular time in the morning. Having a home office will set boundaries whenever you want to get things done or just having your relaxation time from your work life. A home office can also help you be more productive and successful.

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It will always be “Consistency is Key”

If you work on a constant schedule at work, there’s no reason you can’t do the same at home. You can construct routines that will make it possible to work without feeling overwhelmed. Always be consistent to not lose the quality of your work.

Take this into account as an opportunity to rearrange your project timeline and have the day of your aspirations!

Prepare yourself for the day

This can help you experience a feeling of difference between when you wake up and when you begin work, even when it completely changes out of your pajamas and into a pair of workday pants.

Take advantage of your breaks to gain a taste of happiness

You could do a morning walk together with your pets, do concentration, or just blast music in your kitchen and dance to the beat. Just make sure to get a taste of your desired happiness during your breaks.

Do not be too hard on yourself

Do not put too much pressure on yourself to complete more tasks just because you have more time in the day. Allow yourself to change your everyday routine. Just make sure that you take pauses every time you feel like it or whenever you ought to.

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There is no such thing as a “correct” way to feel

This is so vital that it needs a better understanding. Many people experience anxiety, stress, and maybe sadness as the world around them changes drastically. If you’re encountering a range of emotions right now, try to process them without condemning yourself or feeling terrible.

It is not wrong to permit yourself to feel what you are supposed to feel. At the moment, recognize your morning while also being appreciative for what you have. Make phone calls, go on hikes, and look for ways to bring optimism into your daily schedule. You will be equipped to get through it in no time.

Engage yourself in helpful activities

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